Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw


I love it. They’ve just decided “Yeah, these movies were becoming superhero flicks, so fuck it, here’s an actual supervillain with superpowers”. The F&F franchise has somehow become so, so amazing.


Yep , 2 of my favorite actors. No doubt it will be entertaining.


I don’t normally watch trailers, but I just saw that one, since I figure I’ll forget it by the time I watch the movie sometime in 2020.

That looks like a lot of fun.


It really is mind-blowing how the people in charge of this franchise were able to shift it from an okay cops & robbers car stunt movie to a full-on sci-fi anime spy team saga.


Fuck yes. FUCK. YES. This is now in my top films to see this year.


Oh man, this looks amazing. That “elevator” scene just killed me.


Statham isn’t so much an actor as a grimace on legs.


This better not be a complaint against one of the finest actors of our time.


Fast and Furious really is something else.
I remember being in Vancouver in 2001 visiting my dad, and on TV there were trailers for Fast and Furious and I liked it since it seemed cool. So I watched it when it came out and it was pretty fun indeed. Then I forgot about it until the fourth movie, from which a friend sent me a video of a scene that I found hilarious (starts at 1:45)

They way he just instantly drops…hah.
So I figured time to watch it all and to my surprise I enjoyed them all (even third, somewhat).
And then FF5 turned the series into fullblown action blockbusters with insane budget it only gets crazier with every film since, but in a good way.

So of course Hobbs and Shaw looks awesome too :p


The last movie was with the submarine, right?

That was the last one I saw.


Yup, Fate of the Furious.

I came into the series late my own self. Watched six first, at a former friend’s insistence. Then watched all the others. Five is my favorite.


Thats the one with the Bank vault?

They sorta all blur together other than the one big action set piece.


Yup, first with Hobbes too.


I saw the first one, the one in Japan, and the one where they team up to take out a drug lord in Florida. Are they ever all on Netflix or Prime at the same time?


Hobbs & Shaw looks like the kind of stupid fun I’m up for.

Fast & Furious is such a weird series It manages to have the cake and eat it, too, in that it takes itself seriously while also totally not taking itself seriously. At least from Fast Five on.


In my opinion, the reason to care about Hobbs and Shaw is that it’s directed by David Leitch, the John Wick guy who went on to do Atomic Blonde. My main concern is that Leitch’s stylish approach to choreographed violence is going to get swallowed up in the huge silliness of the Fast and Furious franchise. Can David Leitch be David Leitch in a PG-13 studio boondoggle?





This looks like a mom movie, as in my mom will want to see it, and I won’t mind seeing it with her. It’s definitely on the list.


I can’t even begin to imagine my mum watching this.


Hehe , my 83 year old mother loves action movies.