Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw


I bet my mom would watch it if it was 1am and she couldn’t sleep.


Statham, the Rock and Idris Alba? This could be stupid fun.


I don’t know what moms tell there sons about the guys they are into, but I assure you these three are on a short list for not a small number of ladies. This looks fun though, so I just hope it touches on the stupid and doesn’t fully naked dive into it.


My mom probably doesn’t know who Johnson and Statham are, but she’s seen every episode of Luther. I could sell this movie to her on Idris Alba alone.


Who is this Idris Alba you guys keep talking about?


Heh. It’s a slightly unusual name. I’m sure he’d forgive anyone who screwed it up.


This will end up being the first Fast & Furious movie I will see. None of the others looked interesting to me, but I loved this trailer.

Also for Statham fans, if you haven’t seen it, I recommend Chaos (


Just coming here to say this. Yeah, it will be a first for me as well. I don’t get the car thing. But super bad guys, sure, sign me up.


Haven’t bothered to see the last couple F&F movies but I might actually check this one out.