Sorry if there was already a thread about this, I swear I looked.

FastCrawl is a really fun indie game I saw mentioned on Gametunnel. It’s sort of a Roguelike version of Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (or Weird Worlds). You start it up, get a random party, go through a short random dungeon, and you’re done in like 30 minutes. I’m enjoying it a lot more than my brief forays into actual Roguelikes, where I tend to fizzle out after a few levels or one setback or another. If this game had just a few more classes and skills, it’d really be something special. As it stands, it’s fun, but you get a little tired of just fighter, rogue, mage, cleric, and some of the skills are pretty boring. It’s got the items down pat, though, tons of loot to pick up, randomly constructed like Diablo.

Anyone know any other ultra-quick games like this and Weird Worlds that are worth checking out?

DoomRL is pretty quick, though maybe not that level.

I just tried this and it’s actually pretty nifty but honestly it seems to be more on the level of a web game than anything else.

Cute though!

I played the demo and was waiting to see if Xmas brought anything that would take up my time. I got zilch, so dammit I am plunking down my money for some fast, um, crawling.

I couldn’t decide if this was worth the money. It’s sitting on my “maybe” list, which means I probably will end up getting it but it could be awhile.

It’s not out yet and I’m not sure when we can expect it, but Dungeon Delvers fits the bill.

I don’t know of much else in this vein. Something like Sensible Soccer/New Star Soccer 3 does, but that’s sports.

Lost Labyrinth is very accessible and addictive. Also has a nice character design system. Just wish they’d make a Mac version.

Got bored with it and stopped. Glad I didn’t register it. :)

I have moved on to Mr. Robot, which is pretty excellent.