Fat Kid pounds 16 burgers... *gross pics*


What a fattie! :x

Yech.That ‘cheeseburger’ is one of the more revolting things I’ve ever seen.

There was a cheeseburger on that page?!


5 yard penalty, In N Out abuse.


5 yard penalty, Crashing The Web Browser.

Ziggy Piggy! Ziggy Piggy! Ziggy Piggy! oinkoinkoinkoink.

How much do you wanna bet he’s going to join the class-action lawsuit blaming burgers for him being fat?

If would have made more sense if that kid were preparing for something like this:

I can’t believe nobody has made a joke about “In n’ Out” here yet.

That’s not a 16x16, it’s a 20x20. The receipt shows a 4x4 (largest the register can normally order) with 16 more patties and cheese slices added. I love In-n-Out, but that just looks disgusting. I once ate three Double-Doubles in a college eating contest, and I can’t imagine getting anywhere close to 20x20.

Andrew, In-n-Out used to give out these bumperstickers that looked like this:

It didn’t take long for people to cut off a couple of the letters and make them into stickers that said:

The family that owns In-n-Out is very religious, so now all of the bumperstickers are not so easily altered.