Fate: Undiscovered Realms


Couldn’t find a thread on QT3. So…anyone played this?

Did tbaldree work on this thing? Is he at least getting royalties or something now that Flagship is toast? Or is this a mod from the Fate community that went commercial?

Nope, I wasn’t involved in this one. Golden Goose Games did this I think on a short contract using the original codebase. I spoke to them about it before they dived in, dumped some of the ideas we had had for Fate 2 on them, and tried to give them as much info to go on as possible - I haven’t played it yet, but really like the guy who runs the show there.

Royalties? Oh, I wish :)

From what i read in their forums, it was assigned to some other team.

EDIT: too slow >_>

So I just noticed that Gamestop was selling the boxed version of this.


Has anyone played it yet? I’ve got a fondness for the first one and I’d hope this is pretty much more of the same but better.

I have it. It’s okay. Very much more of the same, although I can’t see how that mattered when the original had 2,140,000,000 (no joke) dungeon levels.

No real gameplay changes at all. If you have the original, I wouldn’t bother unless you absolutely have to see the new monsters.

Fate had a max widescreen resolution of 1280x768. Is that the max resolution in this one, as well?

Oh man, I loved Fate. The skill system was strictly integeral (other tham magic) but for some reason I found that a nice change of pace from the flashier RPG at the time. Also, making your pet a permanent awesome creature was a great moment, when he stopped being a liason for the shop and became practically stronger than you.