Father/Daughter Movie Night - need help compiling a list!

Amazed that there hasn’t been a recommendation of The Iron Giant yet. Such an impactful and emotional movie.

It’s in the original post as part of his list.

But your right if anybody reading this has NOT seen that movie they should just stop browsing right now and go watch it. We’ll be here when you get done.

Wow, I swear I read his list multiple times and didn’t see it!

Doh, but yes it is great and anyone who hasn’t seen it should do so. They are supposed to be showing it in theaters again soon with additional footage.

I just remembered another one - Fly Away Home. A great story of a dad & his daughter coaxing Canadian geese to migrate to a new location (sort of based on a real story). It’s a wonderfully shot movie with beautiful sound.

How about St. Trinian’s School for Girls? Anyone mention that? It’s got a badass you-go-girl attitude and it’s sort of uplifting despite being batshit insane. What more can you ask for?

I have to recommend Whale Rider. That movie made me wish I had a daughter so I could take her to see it.

That is a great pick. I just wish I had a daughter that would sit through it.

Great picks with Fly Away Home and Whale Rider. I’ll check out St. Trinian’s.

That reminds me, I saw Whale Rider on an airplane and felt like I missed half the dialog. Need to catch that one again.

And I’d recommend the following:

  1. The Blind Side
    Very heart-warming story, a triumph of the human soul against all odds - ethnicity, education, social capital, family, etc.

  2. No Man’s Land
    A foreign-language film set during the Serbian war, a hilarious but poignantly-touching take on the ridiculousness of war.

  3. Babette’s Feast
    A slow-paced film that explores the tension between perceptions, judgement and social class.

We officially kicked things off this evening with Fly Away Home and had a great time. I hadn’t seen it before but Jeff Daniels and young Anna Paquin are utterly fantastic together and Caleb Deschanel’s cinematography is gorgeous. Of course the story is formulaic and simplistic at times (the uncle who “knows a bird guy” in North Carolina who conveniently gives them a wilderness refuge as a target along with the ticking clock of evil land developers ready to tear it down in two short scenes) but all in all it’s very well done. Heck, it’s got a fluffy gosling plopping into a toilet. What more could you want?

Glad to know you enjoyed the company of each other amidst the film. Hope you have many more wonderful father-daughter movie nights ahead!

I’m glad you liked it! It’s a favorite of mine and frequently use that last 5-10 minutes as a demo on my home theater because it’s so beautiful and that last song , 10,000 miles sung by Mary Chapin Carpenter, is wonderful, especially with that cinematography.