Fatties enraged by "Fat Princess"

The legion of overweight fatties are at it again. This time they’re enraged by a new PSN release called “Fat Princess” by Titan Studios.

It’s a cutesy 32-player hack and slasher that features a fat princess that’s being overfed by bad guys whose weight makes her rescue a difficult process. Neat concept, and the graphics are nice, but the fatties are displeased.

We all know what happens when fat people get emotional: they eat. But while they’re busy stuffing their faces with both cake and bacon, they write to complain about what’s making them upset on the dear old internet.

According to Kotaku, their complaint goes something like this:
“reinforce nasty stereotypes about women and the obese,” calling the mechanic of excessively feeding the portly, titular princess “fat-bashing.”

What about the more popular stereotype that every woman is an underdressed, large-chested prostitute as portrayed in so many other games? I’d find that to be far more offensive, were I an easily offended drama queen. Could it be that they’re upset simply because this particular game mocks obesity, more than anything else? No way!

Rage ahoy: http://www.feministgamers.com/?p=466

Imagine a fat, black Catholic female.
She could be pissed off about Princess, Wii Fit, RE5 and Resistance all at once!

Time for some drive-by I guess ;)

Seriously: Politicial Correctness sucks dick!

Ah by the way: I’m from now on offended about the inaccurate portrayal of my grandfather + his comerades as German soldiers in WWII.
Please stop dumping the AI down! I’m really pissed! Like really, really. I’m stomping my feet on the ground right now and will get some petition up and running.

Manufactured news. :( Two blog entries gripe about the concept of Fat Princess and suddenly it’s news.

Someone on NeoGaf notes one of the blogs. On the second page of the thread, someone else posts a link to the second blog. Then PS3 fanboy does a blog entry, crediting NeoGaf. Then Joystiq writes it up, crediting PS3 fanboy, but not NeoGaf. Somewhere in all that, Kotaku jumps in , crediting no one and putting it under a headline claiming “the Internet” is upset.

As a guy trying to do a blog myself, it’s really annoying to see this kind of lazy work, both in terms of no one bothering to check and credit sources, as well as this tendency to inflate non-stories.


Pointing out that fat people have difficulty of being saved because of their weight is stereotyping?

I’m sure that several firemen who had to tear down a wall to get the fatty inside to the outside would disagree.

Did I mention I am kinda excited for this game? I don’t know why but the gameplay sounds entertaining with all of the extra stuff to do based around CTF (capture the fatty?).

Hopefully this will be a good game to flex my woefully underutilized friends list on the PS3.

The NeoGAF thread provides the following:

And yeah, I grabbed the story from Kotaku. Seems it’s a story now, thanks to the mill.

Hey, I’m pretty fat* myself - though, last I checked, I wasn’t a women - and I find this game fucking hilarious.

*) and by “fat” I mean a 2-year-old thought I was pregnant like her mommy.


krise madsen

EDIT: And presto! I get a new flash ad: “How To Loose Belly Fat!”. Pfft, if they want my attention they need to ramp it up: “How To Loose Belly Fat While Eating Like a Pig And Sitting On Your Fat Ass All Day!”.

Hahahaha, I just scrolled up to see what ad I was getting. It’s a BBW dating site. Hahahahahaha

A couple of bloggers not really liking a game theme isn’t really interesting (and really, rage? that was only on Shakes, which Sol didn’t link, and that’s her schtick). How quickly a bunch of gamers get defensive and derisive about the people not really liking it is a bit more interesting.
As it says in another blog post about this:

The prototypical online gamer (at least the kind that burn their free time posting on message boards and blogs) is not only used to screaming offensive inanities at each other, but is crouched in a perpetual defensive posture, waiting to lash out if anyone dares slight their console of choice, claim that video games brainwash teens into shooting up high schools, or suggest that any game they like might be worth a political critique.

I don’t see why fat people should get offended at anything anyone says about them. I didn’t get offended by the fat remarks when I was 20 pounds overweight. Instead, I started working out at the gym, changed my diet around and stopped eating at Burger King.

If they’re offended by it then by god they should just take the effort to lose some weight and stop eating junk food. If they’re happy being fat, they shouldn’t throw a fit every time someone ‘objectifies’ their obesity.

Being fat and slovenly isn’t a race or a culture. It’s as much a bad habit as being filthy and unkempt. I don’t see any League of People Who Don’t Take Showers getting mad at fictional portrayals of the homeless and the destitute.

Here in Asia we ‘mock and objectify’ obesity and commenting on a person’s weight isn’t seen as insulting. You can compliment a person for losing weight within ear shot of a fat person and not be at the receiving end of some kind of retarded lecture about your ‘insensitivity’. Likewise, if a person’s gained weight, you can tell them it looks bad on them and chances are they’ll make an effort to lose that weight. There would be more fat people if we all went along with the ‘fat acceptance’ bullshit.

Does that include the working space?

once saw a program about fat people where a woman said that people always talked about how fat she was and that the enbarassment drove her to lose weight. Turned to my lady and said “see! It works!”.

Game looks amusing tho

Yep, a lot of folks see it as a moral failing. Which is great, since it gives you free license to abuse people from a position of assumed superiority without the negative consequences of being racist or any of those other unacceptable prejudices.

Got to scratch that itch.

You must be a real joy to be around.


I don’t have that console, but I’d buy the game just to have an interesting thing to pull out at parties.

“Hey guys, check it out, FAT PRINCESS!!!”


Someone makes joke, someone gets offended, news at 11.

I might actually buy a PS3 just for this game! Not because of the above mentioned “controversy” being weighed upon, but because it actually looks like a pretty fun game to play.

I don’t know about moral failing (what does that even mean anyway?) but I see someone who is obese as someone who has an unhealthy addication. And yeah I feel superior to someone who trashes their own body through an addiction. I fail to see what is assumed about that. I’m not going to harass people for being addicts but don’t expect me to tiptoe around it either.

While I do tire of hearing fatties get upset over anything, I have to agree that this particular situation isn’t news. It’s yet another case of someone posting an unfavorable opinion about a game and then getting dogpiled by every hyper-defensive gamer out there who just won’t stand for it, gosh darn it!

The notion that a game with a premise like this one is reinforcing “nasty stereotypes” is hilarious, though.