Favor from someone in the UK?

I wanted to gift someone in England a Birchbox subscription, but they only accept payment from billing addresses inside the UK. If someone is dumb/kind enough to order that for me, forward me the email with the voucher, and let me cover the balance via CashApp/PayPal/etc, that would be great. And I’m happy to pay up front once we cover the details through PM. It’s ~145 pounds, so not a trivial amount of money to risk. Thanks in advance!

No problem buddy - send me a PM.

Awesome! Much appreciated

I would also just like to say that this is a great community (even though I’m not around much for a while). If my only interactions here are stuff like this and Secret Santa, I am still seeing some of the best of it. Thanks @tomchick (and @fire) and @draxen, of course.

thumbs up :)