Favored multiplay style

I am enjoying the dynamics of DAoC lately. I can go back and forth between large teams, small teams, and solo play, vs. players or computers.

I vastly prefer co-op over any other MP. Halo, Diablo, MMORPG, BG:DA

The problem with this country is that you just can’t get decent fish and chips anywhere.

Same in Bath. All I want is a good plate of haddock, but no…

What does that mean?

Obviously it depends on the game.

If it’s something like Quake where it’s perfectly reasonable for me to dominate a server by myself, devastating the pubbies at whim as long as I can maintain control of at least the red armor and a health spawn, I want pure deathmatch.

Slower games like Q3A are best as TDM or CTF. “Realistic” stuff suits me best when it’s objective-based.

I like co-op where you can screw your buddies around.
Naturally this doesn’t apply to internet games with strangers. That’s called being a fuck.
I also like competitive games where you sometimes have to co-operate to survive … but nobody makes them.
I wish some smarty would rectify that problem.

Co-op style is the way to go, baby, and it all started with the original Rainbow Six for our gaming group. That was a really sweet time for us.

After restarting Planetside and joining a new outfit, I’m a big fan of team co-op lately. You have the freedom of doing your own thing whenever you want, but it’s so effective to do things coordinated with a team.

BF1942 is the best of both worlds. Good teamplay with a group, and objective based. Or go it alone and just frag everyone in sight.

I prefer team style, I just don’t usually prefer the teams.

You can’t get decent fish and chips anywhere south of Rotherham.

You can’t get decent fish and chips anywhere south of Rotherham.[/quote]
Since I’ve made the wise choice never to travel north of Rotherham, I wouldn’t know.