Favorite BF1942 Mod?

I’ve been playing these, and all of them are pretty damn fun in one way or another. I definitely think that EA will have a hard time competing with these free mods, especially at the rate these guys are adding content.

You forgot Battlefield 1982, not as good as DC or EOD but still alot of fun.

And I forgot the “a mod I didn’t mention” category. Sigh.

FH is out to a quick lead, and rightfully so in my opinion.

Definitely Forgotten Hope. I won’t be applying the latest BF42 patch until FH is compatible with it. The new EA Philipines map looks interesting, but vanilla BF42 just seems lacking now.

I like Eve of Destruction, but I’m off to try Forgotten Hope now.

Thanks voters!

Eve of Destruction, definitely. Forgotten hope is great and all, but the realism is a bit too much, the fun is lacking at times. Of course, that depends on the map, the Orel 1943 map kicks ass when you’re fighting in the city. I think it’s because I mostly enjoy infantry combat, and EoD has FH beaten there. Jungle maps, AK’s, Heli insertions…

I might get yelled at for this… but…
You forgot the option for: Don’t own BF1942. I know I should, especially since I love FPS unfortanately I still can’t spare the $60 up here in Canada. Yes, that’s the lowest I’ve seen it for anytime recently.
If it would dip just a bit I’d be happy to grab it.
The time I spent with the demo and the ahem ‘demo’ version at school was great, it was super fun. I’d love to grab the game.

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Yes, I was really surprised Forgotten Hope didn’t make the list for best BF1942 mods in the December issue of CGW (101 free games section). But they did list Pirates, 1982, and Siege. I didn’t get that at all. Those three mods don’t even come close to the quality and gameplay of Forgotten Hope.


Very tough to choose between EOD and FH. But the night missions in EOD are as intense and scary as anything out there. Crawling through the jungle, from bush to bush, hearing the noise around you, seeing a shadow pass by, watching an enemy walk by your prone position, not 10 feet away, is an incredible experience.

The map included with the new 1.5 patch is cool – PT boats have been added, and they’re fun to play with. Plus, the US engineer has a Garand now, rather than a No 4.

I think the moral of the story is that if a game is successful, EA will pump it until its dry, and release new content to keep the interest level high.

FH is now updated for the new patch, and EOD works. Haven’t gotten the new Desert Combat yet, because the other 2 mods are just better IMHO.