Favorite Christmas music not related to Christmas

Since its first release, George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass has been a Christmas staple of mine, probably because I received it that year. It really has nothing to do with Christmas but few albums get me in the spirit like this one. For me, it’s the equivalent of Nat King Cole or The Nutcracker Suite.

Another one is Tales From Topographic Oceans. Again, no Christmas message, but it brings alive the season for me. I played it a lot during the first Christmas of its release, and it’s been at the top of my holiday play list ever since.

Music and memory is powerful stuff. Drop in one of these albums and I’m all about chill winds and spiced eggnog. Light a pine candle and I’m off hanging lights.

Which albums hit home for you?

Arcade Fire’s “Funeral” is the closest approximation to the sound of a cold, Canadian winter. It helps that the lyrics overtly mention the season.

Also: The Stars’ last two records, “Heart” and “Set Yourself on Fire” have different, no less powerful winteryness about them. It would appear that winter, to me, means Montreal indie rock.

The third Velvets record always felt like winter to me, too. Don’t know why.

How odd, you chose one of my favorite albums. It hasn’t meant Christmas to me as yet, but why not… of course!

There’s a track on “Tommy” called “Christmas” that I love that’s more about the song cycle than about the holiday.

Grenadine’s first album!