Favorite DVD Mastering Program?

So I’m trying to master a DVD or two, and I can’t find a solution that I like. The best so far is Nero Vision 4 that comes with the demo of Nero 7 Ultra. However, the menu designer is annoying me; there’s no way to get rid of chapter images and just have text. Furthermore, there’s no way to size buttons individually, or to place text wherever you want.

Any recommendations for mastering programs that cost less than $100?

No answers but I want to watch this thread too…what comes with XP Media edition works but something a bit more polished would be nice.

I have lots of home movies that would be nice to have all tricked out on DVD.

You aren’t asking for Windos specific, so I’ll mention how well iDvd on the Mac covers the basics. As far as the PC side goes, all the basic Dvd authoring software I’ve tried under $100 sucks. I’ve had problems ranging from burning and encoding problems to layout screwups. Adobe Encore is the best thing I could find, but it’s more expensive.