Favorite Game. That's all

(stole the title from the movie thread). Same rules

After playing a lot of Tetris this weekend, the new Tetris (Effect) that is … I think that Tetris is my favorite game of all time, starting with the gameboy version so many years ago. It is so ingrained into my DNA, that I have no choice …

( runner up would be Demon’s Souls but that’s a different story)

Also too reductionist. One game?


Starsiege: Tribes. Easily.

That game was 10 years ahead of its time, and there still isn’t a game that has captured the beauty of dueling mixed with the speed of skiing in those CTF matches.

I could pick that game up today and be successful, it is so ingrained into my brain.


So many choices but if I had just one to pick:

World of Warcraft

Man, that’s so freaking hard.

Honestly? Probably Spelunky.

If I had to pick a game, just one, it would be Dwarf Fortress.

Star Control 2 is one of the few successful “kitchen sink” game experience. It has action, strategy, exploration, story, humor, and yet it’s still eminently accessible. It’s the best video games has to offer.

(Sid Meier’s Pirates! has all that except the humor and maybe the accessibility.)

Turnabout is fair play. Gun to the head answer? The original X-Com.

Freespace 2 is the only choice for me. While some other games like TIE Fighter or Starflight come close, nothing beats FS2 in my book.

This is so unfair. I have quite a few favorites in different genres and moods and times.

But if I have to pick only one… well. Let’s go with NieR: Automata.

Jagged Alliance 2 (with 1.13 mod)

What he said (with or without mod).

Falcon 3.0

Assuming this isn’t the game to take away on desert island and play for the rest of my life (that would be a very different question), mine would be Dark Souls.
The single true computer RPG ever done, to me.


Great choice.

I never played 3 (I jumped from 1 on a friend’s ST, to 4 on a friend’s PC, where I considered I had beaten the game when I eventually managed to achieve a lock by clearing the space invader radar mini-game and launched a missile). What makes it great?

Manually freeing up memory. :) I was so proud of myself when I got 621kb free. I think it only called for 602?