Favorite QT3 Threads 2014

I thought it might be fun to name our favorite threads of the year. The thread did NOT have to start this year. :)

I am placing this here in teh Gaming section for visibility and it has the largest amount of threads to choose from (but any category is fine).

Some ideas:

Most helpful Gaming Thread
Silliest Thread
Heartwarming Thread
Thread you are most likely to go back to over time (or in 2015)
Or I just like this thread so get over it ;)

I thought the most helpful Gaming thread (actually two) were the Divinity Original Sin threads. These threads helped me get around a bit when starting and I will go back to them when I go back to the game. I think the runner up here would have to be the M & M X thread. I suspect the Elite Dangerous thread will be the most helpful in 2015.

Most fun was probably playing Star Realms the longest named thread (before it got its own thread). :)

There are several Heartwarming threads but I think the thread that will always stand out to me is the outpouring of love to our own Tom Chick.

I always enjoy reading through the Book, Comic, Manga, Anime threads. I also like the RIP threads that get posted because of the honoring that they each contain.

The most educational threads for me are found in the Hardware section. I am torn between the new computer and/or new monitor thread types.

The thread that made me remember getting stung by a nest of yellow jackets after my hand accidentally went in a part of a wooden gate goes to the Hornet Thread. ;)