Favorite song from the Guitar Hero series?

I was on my home from work tonight and I had on Sirius 24 ( the Grunge / alt 90’s station ) and the Toadies - Possum Kingdom song came on. I instantly had flasbacks to playing the song on GH2 and loving every second of it. I am going to have to say for my money that song is my all time favorite song in the Guitar Hero series.

The main reason why I’d say its my favorite is because I actually really like the song and I also play it the best. So what is your favorite song from the Series?

Probably Sweet Child among the ones I’ve played.

A few of my favorite songs to play:

Killer Queen, Jessica, Even Rats, Strutter, Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo, YYZ, Raw Dog, 3s and 7s, Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll, I’m in the Band

Of those, the only ones I would ever listen to “in real life” are YYZ and Killer Queen, though I actually prefer the GH version of Killer Queen to the real song.

Crossroads, 3s and 7s, Beast and the Harlot, Misirlou, Frankenstein, Cherub Rock, My Name is Jonas, Reptilia, Girlfriend, Dead!, Billion Dollar Babies, geez, it’d be hard to pick a single favorite.

I’ve only played II, but my favorite song from that game has to be Search and Destroy. The note progression is incredibly fun and the song rocks. Also I’m not familiar with the original so I’m not constantly wincing at the (no doubt) horrid cover.

Push Push (Lady Lightning), More than a Feeling, One, Godzilla, Bark at the Moon, Cavemen Rejoice, Strutter

GH1: Take It Off, Crossroads, All of This
GH2: Life Wasted, Tattooed Love Boys, Stop
GH3: Haven’t gotten it yet

And did anyone else hate “More Than a Feeling” as a song before falling madly in love with it in Guitar Hero?


Justin: I did indeed.

This is a bit of a cross-section. More songs in any one game doesn’t mean I like it any more, as I’m just naming the great stuff off the top of my head, so not many bonus songs :) Most of these are fun to play rather than fun to listen to, so there may be some questionable choices, too (like Beast and the Harlot), though Hey is in just because I like the sound of it.

GH1: Crossroads, Take It Off, Hey, Caveman Rejoice, Godzilla
GH2: Search and Destroy, Carry On My Wayward Son, Girlfriend, Stop, Less Talk More Rokk, Beast and the Harlot
GHE80s: Play With Me, Lonely is the Night, Nothin’ But A Good Time, What I Like About You
GH3: Knights of Cydonia, Cult of Personality, Radiosong, Cliffs of Dover

Special award for utter failure: I Wanna Rock, of GHE80s. Why the hell would you make a song fade out in Guitar Hero? It’s pretty terrible to play, too, but that especially narked me.

More than a feeling. Yes, I hated it before.

Tossup for me, either John the Fisherman or Paint it Black.

Dude, that’s easy: More Than a Feeling.

I say the entire Guitar Hero franchise exists solely for the rush of playing “More Than a Feeling.”

or John the Fisherman.
or Carry On My Wayward Son

But Freya wins out because of how much it made me suffer for the rock.

At one point I posted a series of videos to youtube showing me failing it repeatedly on expert. I was hoping someone would tell what I was doing wrong. Turns out I was sucking too much.

GHII: Sweet Child of Mine and Jessica.
GHIII: Even Flow

I had to go back and look at the setlists to job my memory.

GH1: Crossroads, Take Me Out, More Than a Feeling
GH2: Haven’t played it.
GH3: Miss Murder (I shouldn’t like it, but I do), My Name Is Jonas, Cult of Personality

I will completely agree with the More Than a Feeling theory.

I think Guitar Hero has done amazing things for classic rock. There are many songs that I heard for the first time while playing Guitar Hero that I now listen to all the time. It’s caused me to look into artists that I’ve never even thought about before - bands my mom listened to, for goodness’ sake.

And you can’t kill the metal.

When I made my list, I forgot about Search and Destroy and the 80s edition.

I think that Hold On Loosely might be my single favorite song to play. Only a Lad is fun, too, and a genuinely good song.

Heart Full of Black
More Than a Feeling
Strutter (I really didn’t enjoy the GH2 song list as much. . .)

Hard to narrow it down to just a few songs, but: Ace of Spades, Crazy on You, Freebird, Jessica, Misirlou, and Ziggy Stardust all come to mind as songs I played over and over just because of t3h_awesome. Oh also Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight. I haven’t played GH3 enough to have any real favorites.

Heart Full of Black, Beast and the Harlot, then pretty much all the classic rock stuff (Bark at the Moon, More than a Feeling, Carry On, Sweet Child/Welcome to the Jungle, etc).

I’d be thrilled with a full disc of Ozzy songs. They fit the GH series so well.

You people that choose Freya disturb me.

Only really played I and II, but my favorites are Heart Full of Black, Killing in the Name Of, and Stop. But I kinda suck at the game, too.