Favourite Cyberpunk-genre games?

With CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 coming up NEXT spring-summer, what are your favourite ones of yesteryear?

Blade Runner (DOS? Windows?)
Neuromancer (C64)
Rise of the Dragon (DOS)
Snatcher (Sega CD)
Syndicate (DOS)

Hoping to discover some gems I hadn’t thought of in years, QT3 Hivemind.

There’s the Shadowrun games, if you like a little fantasy mixed in with your cyberpunk. Not just the more recent games, but there were a couple of good ones released in Genesis and SNES.

And then of course the Deus Ex games. I personally like the two more recent games better than the original.

Shit, I’d forgotten about the original Shadowrun games. I guess that’s why the recent ones are “…Returns” I guess.

Chaos Overlords (DOS) was another good one.

Circuit’s Edge, the videogame adaptation of the book When Gravity Fails.

That was the first thing I thought of when seeing the thread title. Great book and a pretty good game for its time. Came out on MS-DOS in 1989.

yeah yeah I loved this one!

I can’t think of anything that can top Snatcher.

While they have flaws, there is absolutely some great cyberpunk world building in them.

Prague in particular is one of the best, most fully realized, cyberpunk cities in video games. It may even be the best, as I’m struggling to think of a better one.

The first one was too Art Bell Coast-to-Coast AM for me.

Some of the user-made scenarios for Shadowrun are really well done also. Not all or many, (no doubt it takes an awful lot of work), but The Caldecott Caper at least was as good as the scenarios that shipped with the game.

Anachronox has cyberpunk elements.

EYE Divine Cybermancy

Don’t discount this one. Sort of a Cyberpunk Warhammer 40k Judge Dread Deus Ex Jacob’s Ladder. The hacking mini-game is ridiculous.

People hate the “recent” Syndicate game, but I kinda liked it, especially the co-op mode.

Can’t get it to work on my Ryzen alas.

System Shock, Original Syndicate, Deus Ex and then Shadowrun. All fantastic.

I can hear the mob with torches gathering round.

But really Deus Ex Human Revolution was a very good game, in many regards because it had a very consistent and interesting art design unlike original game which was limited by tech and scope, so it was very eclectic in its approach. Which might have been a point.

Anyway in Mankind Divided they’ve tried to go the hard way and made it a game about cyberpunk in old European city. The problem though was their Prague not just looked nothing like a cyberpunk city (which they probably did concioulsy), it also didn’t look like real Prague at all. The whole aesthetic was a huge miss for me. Gameplay also made you feel too powerful too soon, there was very little challenge and more of irritation over you trying to remain pacifist which the game didn’t really care about. Promotion was also awful overloaded with symbols and tasteless comparisons to modern problems.

This is a topic I can get behind! Remember Me, Tokyo 42, Transistor, Seven, Invisible Inc and Mirror’s Edge also come to mind.

I was pleasantly surprised by how good Satellite Reign is! Currently 16 hours in and bound to finish it eventually. Definitely expected much worse from such a small team. I was not an original backer, though, because their aspirations seemed way off budget. In hindsight, I kind of regret not joining in, as I really like the foundation of what they have built; unfortunately, the team has since disbanded…

What is Seven?

Maybe Seven The Days Long Gone?

Yeah this is great game. Finished it few weeks back and it is sort of post-apo cyberpunkish setting.

I couldn’t disagree more. Absolutely loved Prague in MD, especially at night

They fucked up the written language (and the stupidity of having czech characters have russian accent when speaking english and such) but other than that, it was great as far as smaller city hubs are concerned.