Favourite Cyberpunk-genre games?

Well. I don’t know iw you’re making an obscure joke, but one of these 2d platformers that ends with -ex is cyberpunk.
does it start with a g

or a d

Who can say?

Yeah, my mistake. It was GEX not DEX. No, not making a joke but just mixed them up. Actually, I didn’t realized you actually meant “DEX” and thought it was a contraction/abbrevation of Deus Ex until now.

I found it in my Twitch account! Must have been free at one point. Very cool, now I can remove it from Steam wishlist.

Thanks! I forgot that Twitch even had games. That’s where it was!

Technobabylon and Gemini Rue were both pretty solid point and click adventure games. Red Strings Club is another, though I haven’t gotten around to finishing that one.

Observer started off really great, but went off on a tangent (escape the monster in dream sequences)
I still like it though.
Sad to hear of Rutger Hauer’s passing.

Blade Runner (DOS)
Neuromancer (C64)
Deux Ex
All tied for the top spot, and really waiting for CD REDs offering.

Most people here probably never played it. That’s a game that should not be lost to time and ultra-expensive Sega CD ebay purchases.

Shadowrun games

Some Cyberpunk bargains this weekend of games mentioned here:

>observer_ is 70% off on Steam.

And Hard Reset Redus is $1.59 on GOG:


Does “post-cyberpocalyptic Neo New York” count?

And don’t forget to check your Twitch account. You may already own it. :)

I liked Sierra On-Line’s Manhunter NY and Manhunter SF

Can’t get 2012’s Syndicate to run in 2020 so going to try it in a VM. Nope, no joy in VMware Workstation Pro 15.5. Looks like this one of the few games that can’t be replayed.

The EA one? I played it from the Origin client just a few months ago (on a Windows 10 PC).

On what CPU?

Intel i7-6700K.

Thanks for checking. I last finished it on a 4c4t Haswell i5-4670k CPU in 2017 and wanted to re-play it.

Looks like it’s broken on high core count CPUs and/or just AMD. In my case, Ryzen 7 2700 with 8 cores and 16 threads. Probably anything over 4/4 like with a couple other games. I had an idea to try disabling SMT to get it to 8c8t and not 8c16t but that didn’t get it to load either. Running as admin and in compatibility mode for Windows 7/8 or with full screen optimizations disabled didn’t help either. Even trying a crack from pirate group Skidrow didn’t help.

It just stops after the following dialog finishes loading and the screen changes the Windows desktop to a lower resolution (1280x720 I think) and hangs until I end the task.


Streets of Rogue is basically pen & paper cyberpunk, and it’s fantastic. I’m also shit at it so far, but it’s fun to dip into.

Chaos Overlords (one of the few card games I played)
The Technomancer
Mirror’s Edge and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
Remember Me

Updating this thread now that 2077’s been delayed.