Favourite Cyberpunk-genre games?

How did you miss the Deus Ex series!?!

See I think that is a matter of expectations. Having never been to Prague (closest I’ve been was Munich), I have no expectations of the city. Sure the lack of bridges across the Charles was disappointing, but as a game city? It felt real in a way few do. I loved things like the magazines, movie posters, and band posters you’d see around the city. The mechanic in particular really felt like an individual with interests outside of his job.

However I get it. Watch Dogs nominally takes place in Chicago. And while they got some things, like the L over the Loop, they put cliffs 5 miles outside of the city and that drove me nuts.

No one has mentioned it yet so I’ll throw Observer into the ring, it’s a pretty cool Cyberpunk/horror game. I never finished it since I made the mistake of playing the choppy PS4 version (one area in particular turned into a slide show). One of these days I’ll pick up the Steam edition.

I’ll second Observer. That’s a neat, grimy adventure.

For adventure games of the pixely kind, Technobabylon and Red Strings Club are both very good.

I wouldn’t go as far as great, but Dex is alright.

E.Y.E. is an extremely PC game in that it’s basically a Half-Life 2 mod that ran amok and turned into a game, has tons of layers of complexity to dubious ends, is janky as hell, and has a lot of charm. So yeah, it’s worth trying, just go into it knowing that it’s an aquired taste.

Hard Reset is a decent FPS with an attractive cyberpunk skin-graft by the folks that did the Shadow Warrior remakes, and will probably go down smoother than EYE, but it doesn’t have the weird highs that game has.

Speaking of shooters with a cyberpunk skin, both Neon Chrome and Jydge are really good top-down shooters, and Jydge kinda tips into what a Deus Ex game starring Judge Dredd would be like, if every mission lasted 5-10 minutes.



(did I do that right? it’s been a while)

RIP Rutger Hauer. I thought I bought Observer or got it free or part of some bundle recent, but I can’t find it out of my thousands of games. Does anybody recall?

The gecko game is cyberpunk?

Okay, I haven’t played it but that made me laugh out load.

My answer is Cyberpunk 1980 or: Quadrilateral Cowboy.

Well. I don’t know iw you’re making an obscure joke, but one of these 2d platformers that ends with -ex is cyberpunk.
does it start with a g

or a d

Who can say?

Yeah, my mistake. It was GEX not DEX. No, not making a joke but just mixed them up. Actually, I didn’t realized you actually meant “DEX” and thought it was a contraction/abbrevation of Deus Ex until now.

I found it in my Twitch account! Must have been free at one point. Very cool, now I can remove it from Steam wishlist.

Thanks! I forgot that Twitch even had games. That’s where it was!

Technobabylon and Gemini Rue were both pretty solid point and click adventure games. Red Strings Club is another, though I haven’t gotten around to finishing that one.

Observer started off really great, but went off on a tangent (escape the monster in dream sequences)
I still like it though.
Sad to hear of Rutger Hauer’s passing.

Blade Runner (DOS)
Neuromancer (C64)
Deux Ex
All tied for the top spot, and really waiting for CD REDs offering.

Most people here probably never played it. That’s a game that should not be lost to time and ultra-expensive Sega CD ebay purchases.

Shadowrun games

Some Cyberpunk bargains this weekend of games mentioned here:

>observer_ is 70% off on Steam.

And Hard Reset Redus is $1.59 on GOG:


Does “post-cyberpocalyptic Neo New York” count?

And don’t forget to check your Twitch account. You may already own it. :)