Favre Retires Again

For sure this time he says

We’ll see, but at least this time he filed the proper papers and didn’t go out with a big news conference in tears.

I think we have all been trying hard not to start this thread, knowing it would happen anyway, but secretly hoping it wouldn’t.

Just go away Brett. Just go. You belong in the Hall, we get it.

I don’t really understand why he un-retired in the first place. I can see it if he was going back to the Packers and thought they were Superbowl talented, but once it became clear that the Packers didn’t want him back it almost seems like it became a macho thing on both sides and he felt like he’d play anywhere else just to prove them wrong.

Oh well, hopefully it’s all over this time.

Well, after the Jets beat the Titans, they became the favorite team in the NFL (for media, anyway) and Favre was praised as a key reason why. The Jets and Dolphins were said to have benefited equally from the trading of players.


Brett Favre’s future… as a janitor.

Only way he’s coming back is if he starts taking HGH, because his body can’t keep it up for a full season. His arm breaks down in the final weeks the past couple years, and it came in November this past year.