Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)


Now that would have been interesting direction for Fear. One of the parents a reporter/news producer, the other a teacher.

The news producer seeing the world falling apart and the government holding the line but keeping more and more secrets as things get larger and more out of control.

Meanwhile the teacher sees some of this at the micro level, but mostly life as normal, at least for a time.

I think it would be compelling to see the parents at odds from their different perspectives, and we would see the world deconstruct at the Macro and Micro levels. That would have been far more interesting to me…

Even more interesting is that they are opposing political beliefs, and how their mindsets influences and effects their choices, as in life for both sides some of those choices are very unwise because they are so focused on their world vision verse survival. Slowly transforming the us verse them mindset to ‘we only survive if we work together’. Yes I would heart that SOOO much


It’s this blind hope that somehow the producers will come to their senses, somehow bail it out, because if you enjoy TWD, you want this one to succeed. As it stands, we all deserve a good mocking.


Well, it is always fun to make fun of Tom and everybody else - but I do think there is one hope for redemption for you guys, and that is the fact that there is a guaranteed 12 episode season 2 coming. Hopefully, this will mean they can scrap whatever scripts they were thinking of, and possibly take a different angle to the whole thing. It is the only way I would go back and watch it blind again. Otherwise, with this cast and story line, I would not return until people start really raving about it…or at least people say the cast has actually even made a costume change, because from what I hear this has not really happened to any great degree (know someone who is into costuming and is watching)


BTW, the salesman guy in the lockup with Johnny Depp Jr: was he the same actor that played Dingaan on Falling Skies (a British actor named Treva something)? Looked a lot like him.


Imdb says he’s Colman Domingo, a United Statesian. But they also say he’s in all 6 episodes.


I seriously doubt a season two will be any better. The people who make this show have no appreciation for – much less comprehension of – zombie fiction, survival fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction, or even family drama. What’s more, the show is clearly being shot on a shoestring budget. I seriously doubt this is ever going to be anything but awful.

-Tom, who will still watch it anyway because zombies


If I was being hopeful about season 2 I’d say they could pretend as if season 1 never happened. By that I mean start season 2 with the idea that season 1’s events were NOT the zombie apocalypse happening, but instead merely LA turning into a feral city. The military was fighting human looters and whatnot as much as zombies. So season 2 is the depiction of the apocalypse happening! YAY!


Well, what did everyone think? Looks like they spent some actual money on this last episode.
BTW, in that last shot as the camera swept over the ocean, that was just kelp/seaweed we saw, right?


I was happy with it. It did have a zombie Pied Piper. Only a couple of small things bugged me. The Doctor saying “Where will you go?”, what? What about Edwards AFB! That’s where she was going to go. So just because her ride left she can’t mention Edwards to them? The other thing was Strand saying no one can stay at his place. Why not? Who cares at this point? Is he planning to come back and he doesn’t want them to eat all his food or something?

Travis…Oh God I want to strangle the guy. His actions are true to his character, I can’t fault that. But I hate his character. Speaking of which, when they were driving in the river there was a shot where the camera was panning over the front of the truck. I thought there would be his bloody handprints on the edge of the hood where he leaned on it during the garage scene. Not only were there no handprints but the front of the truck was spotless. They made a point of showing his hands on that part of the truck, then they made a point of showing that part of the truck again, so I kind of assumed there would be something there but no.


Yeah, now we know what they were saving the budget for. What got me was the scene [I]before[/I] they drove down the riverbed. They were driving along a road or highway devoid of crashed or stalled vehicles.


Was falling asleep as the horde hit the military compound. I found the episode underwhelming up to that point, will finish it tonight.


I don’t think this episode introduced any new problems, and the show is certainly more watchable when things keep moving, but none of the other big problems were addressed. There’s still almost nothing that makes sense since episode four’s nine days later jump.

This show not only failed to offer any insight as to how society fell, it actually raised more questions about what actually went wrong. I don’t think much of that was intentional though, I think this was just poorly thought out at every stage, so by the end we can add huge questions like why the military did [I]anything[/I] they did, and how LA turned into a complete ghost town in a little over a week to our previous questions like how the infection started.

This was a very bad show.


The journey was fine, but where they are now, they can bring nothing new that is not covered by the original show. The writers were stuck between a rock and a hard place, wanting to present a slow burn of how society eventually went to hell, but being forced to do so in six episodes.


I’m not watching the show…but this makes no sense. Southern California [B]is[/B] a car culture. How is it that Atlanta had these lines of cars on the freeways with nothing like this in LA. During the riots the freeways were a mess - my ex was in the middle of that shit and it was terrifying to her to be stuck in traffic with chaos going on not too far away.

You guys might want to rewatch [I]World War Z[/I]. The zombie frenzy may still bother you, but it at least got the downfall part pretty well - or at least better than this, apparently. The “holy fuck!” scene in the city is great IMO.


To be fair, they did show an overhead shot later of lines of stalled cars, but not seeing any on the road on which they were driving made no sense.

Further evidence of how inept the writers could be was the big “shock” at the end. All we knew about

the ex-wife was that she knew first aid and didn’t like Kim Dickens. Obviously her death was supposed to be a big emotional payoff for the season, but since the show spent perhaps 10 minutes on her

it was like watching the death of Andrea’s sister, to which the viewer reaction is pretty much “So? What else you got?”


While watching the episode, it bugged the heck out of me. I kept nit picking it (some of those nits were dang big). But this morning, I realized that I actually enjoyed it, despite its flaws. I’ll be watching next season for sure. The fact that Abigail is in the mix now opens up a lot of possibilities and a lot of directions they could take this series. I’ll be disappointed if FTWD Season 2 is just TWD Season 1 on the West coast.


If they do Walking Dead:Gilligan’s Island next season, the least they can do is have the Infected Harlem Globetrotters show up.


The overhead shots made it fairly clear that the road they were driving before they took to the storm basin route was a multi-lane road leading INTO the city proper from the suburban area they came from, so not really an evacuation route in either direction. Once they made the turn the overhead shots showed the lines of vehicles stretching back into the city on the outbound routes and the main highway (which the characters pointedly discussed avoiding). It made some sense, if you’re in a hurry to leave the city before everything goes to hell you’re probably not going to take the routes filled with stop lights and intersections that only lead to hillside suburbs and more clogged highways, so those roads would be fairly clear once everyone was gone/dead. Kind of like the Atlanta scene in Walking Dead where Rick rode into Atlanta on a deserted side of the highway, while the outbound side was clogged with abandoned cars.

That said, the rest of the episode was the culmination of terrible plot writing that has left me totally soured on Fear the Walking Dead. For starters, how the fuck are Travis and company NOT recognizing that they just essentially murdered not only the military folks in the compound but all those people in the MASH wing, the people in the holding pens where Nick and Strand were, and most of all, every single one of their neighbors on the hill, all of whom are sitting at home with their children blissfully unaware that 2000+ hungry undead are now roaming freely and will soon pour through the gate Travis so conveniently left open for them to feast on everyone inside the safe zone? To save seven people they killed 700, the vast majority of whom were innocent.

Oh, but operation COBALT would have killed those people anyway right? Really? Because the show certainly didn’t make that clear in any way. It looked a hell of a lot like the military were simply abandoning the safe zone. Most of the soldiers had already evacuated, and they made a point of showing the last chopper coming to pick up the dozen or so critical patients, the doc, Liza and the remaining soldiers (all of whom were essentially murdered by Mr. Salazar and his brilliant plan to free his already dead wife). So who was going to be left to carry out this “humane extermination” of the safe zone? Who was left to even care? The military was happy to leave an arena full of 2000+ walkers just sitting there, do they really give a shit about another 600 or so live people who might become walkers at some point or another?

Which brings me to the most glaring issue with the events of this episode…WHERE THE FUCK IS EVERYONE? All of L.A. could not possibly have fit inside that arena, and the soldier specifically mentioned the number was only in the 2000 range. The line of abandoned cars leaving L.A. speaks to the sort of mass exodus we saw in Atlanta in the original show, only in the original show there are walkers EVERYWHERE. In this show, the sum total of L.A.'s walker community seems to be the 2000 or so in the arena and a handful of stragglers around the streets that the army either missed in their sweeps or they were survivors who turned later. There should be a million or more walkers shambling around every corner of the city, so where did all those people go?

Fear the Walking Dead is a complete and epic failure of storytelling, which is ironic for a channel that uses the motto “Story Matters Here”. Instead of the compelling and frightening story we were promised, of how civilization could go from Starbucks to Walking Dead in the matter of a few short weeks, we got a mostly boring and one-dimensional tale of a family that gradually wakes up to the horror of the apocalypse happening around them while making ridiculously stupid decisions along the way, and we had the middle and most interesting part of that story conveniently cut out, leaving us with bookends of stupidity that tell a completely unsatisfying story about characters we could care less about. They even killed off the only sympathetic character of the bunch to end the season, though I have high hopes for Strand now. It’s obvious he is not what he seems, and I doubt he actually owns the house or the yacht. If I keep watching next season, it will be the mystery of Strand that brings me back, and the curiosity of what the plan is for the yacht.


Strand is the lone Black man. As soon as another comes along they’ll kill him off.

And while I have no personal experience with it, I find it hard to believe that a junkie going through cold turkey could pick a pocket of someone as street-smart as Strand seems to be as smoothly as Junkie Depp did.


I have enjoyed this show a lot more than most here – I rock at suspending disbelief – but they lost me at that point, too. I just don’t buy Travis leaving all his neighbors to die. And even though they set it up with Madison’s line, “What would you do to save Nick,” I can’t see the group deciding that the best way to free their loved ones was to unleash a horde on the base, thus assuring pretty much everyone dies. The Ruben Blades character would do this, but not the others.

It’s watchable, but they’re clearly not worried about a sensible plot.