Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)


I won’t. I enjoy the show. My expectations are clearly a bit more forgiving than is the norm around here :)


I am disappointed that Fear the Walking Dead isn’t what I’d hoped it would be. One could argue that the marketing campaign for the show was somewhat deceptive, selling viewers on the promise of being able to see the zombie apocalypse as it happened instead of waking up with Rick Grimes after the world had fallen apart. Instead we got a tantalizingly small dose of that in the first couple of episodes, and now it’s basically looking like it’s going to be TWD West, on a boat.

That said, I’ve accepted that the show is what it is, and am looking forward to it’s return. Different setting, different characters, still set early on in the post-apocalypse so perhaps more opportunity for finding others just trying to survive versus the Terminus/Alexandria/Saviors style of survivors in TWD’s plotlines, all will help make the show interesting and just different enough from TWD to not feel like more of the same. I’m cautiously optimistic that they can make something decent out of this season.


I’m starting to wonder if I am zombie’d-out. I haven’t been able to work up the enthusiasm to watch ANY of the second half of TWD… it’s just sitting there on my DVR and whenever I have time to kill I sort of shrug and go find something else to do. Likewise, I am just not all that enthused about a new season of FofWD.

I’m worried there is something wrong with me. I’m pretty sure I’m not growing up or maturing in any way. Maybe I’m ill?


What I would give to mix this show in with The Strain.


The one part that drives me nuts with FTWD is the kids and how the show tried to package this whole teenage angst bit into the mess of the apocalypse. Re-watching the episodes still makes my eyes roll every time that something related to it comes up, and it seems to come up a LOT (especially early on). Take that away, or at least just have it in much smaller doses, and the show could be a lot more fun to watch for me.


I really enjoyed the first 3 episodes and then really disliked the last 3 - so much so that they erased the prior goodwill.

That said, I liked the snippets in the trailers for season 2 (and I kinda like the airplane ride serial they’ve been doing during Walking Dead), primarily for two reasons:

  • the zombies still seem scary in this show, and less like playdough men to be smacked down effortlessly or casually poked clean through the noggin by even children.
  • the scenes on the boat, with others on rafts, etc., actually look kinda cool. World War Z had some good stuff about people taking to the water to try to survive the apocalypse, and other movies have involved potential island escapes (or zombie habitats) but trying to survive on in that context hasn’t been really explored by TV/movie – and it’s the “survivalist” aspects of the genre that interest me most. i.e. “what would I do to try to survive/endure” - something that the Walking Dead really got away from in the comic and show post-prison, when they primarily became about dealing with other people who decided to become assholes and to prey on others for no real reason other than Robert Kirkman read the Road around that time.


I like the fact that the boat makes them mobile. Hopefully, they will head down the coast and see how various locales are adapting to zombieland. In almost every zombie movie, I want to know how the rest of the world is doing. It’s frustrating to be limited to the area just in view of the characters, though I know that’s the point.

This should be the exact opposite of an entire season of watching interpersonal drama while hunkered down in a prison.


It certainly isn’t any Walking Dead, but I enjoyed it for what is was and look forward to more of it.


Season Premier last night. First 5 minutes were great and had me thinking this show was coming back with some authority. Nope. The whole rest of the episode was unbelievably boring for a season premier. So much potential wasted. The radio would have been a great and inexpensive way to add tension and horror throughout the episode, but we get a less than 30 second snippet of people pleading for help, then it’s just used as a setup for the honeypot pirates, aka Terminus on the sea.

This show has everything it needs to make a very interesting season. The mix of people on the yacht, the yacht itself (making the survivors much more mobile than those in the first season of TWD), the unknown factors of what is happening on shore, the coastal towns and cities the could attempt to land at, the possibility of islands being untouched by “the infection”, and the relative safety from walkers while on the water contrasted with the heightened danger from other survivors while on the water. It could be a season of tense action, mystery and drama. I hope the show can live up to it, 'cause so far this episode was pretty disappointing.


Suddenly the show decides to revert to full-on apocalypse mode? The Malibu location was awfully calm at the end of last season. When did it turn into the Normandy landing? And who was shelling the beach? Negan?


P.S. Ha ha, you guys watched the season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead.


The Walking Dead has plenty of stupid stuff that goes along with the show, but I’ve at least come to care a bit about the people in it (even if such caring involves occasional/frequent mockery). However, right now the only two characters that I care about thus far in Fear the Walking Dead are Strand and Tobias (who has gone off to who knows where with his adorable, little knife).


So excited to hate watch this again.


That [I]was[/I] odd. The jets overhead dropping bombs was expected, but if there were ships off shore shelling the city (and beach) then you would think they would have sent patrol boats or helicopters to make sure “infected” people were not fleeing the city in boats to spread the disease elsewhere. You have to assume at this point the government and military still believe the problem is an infectious disease of some sort, that they haven’t reached the “everyone is infected” epiphany yet. So why go through all the trouble of destroying a city only to allow people to escape?

Unless it wasn’t civilians who shot up the boat our gang found this episode. Maybe it was the military. Could be the guy on the radio is actually legit, and the military will find him, then come for our gang.


Same here, also I can’t believe the actress who plays the daughter wanted off of The 100 where she was super awesome, to be on FtWD and be so horrible. I want her to be eaten by all the zombies.


So I don’t really watch the 100 but I’ve heard that she’s really good on it. Her character is so generic in Fear, but then that’s true of most of the characters. Granted, FtWD is a bigger property (in theory, any way) and it might be an easier job from a work standpoint. So who knows.


I went ahead and cancelled my OnePass. Just zombied out I guess. More into the superhero shows now. Are the Flash and Arrow shows really good?


First few episodes of the first season of Arrow is “I’m Batman … in green!” but then it gets better. Flash is a more upbeat kind of a show with quirky characters. They balance each other out fairly well in that respect, and both inhabit the same “world” and so you have some crossover episodes.


Unless it wasn’t civilians who shot up the boat our gang found this episode. Maybe it was the military. Could be the guy on the radio is actually legit, and the military will find him, then come for our gang.

This seems kind of more likely, compared to the idea that some other group of surviors did it.

I mean, a normal group of survivors, trying to take over a boat for booty, isn’t gonna shoot it like 50 million times with some huge caliber weaponry.

However, you suggest that maybe the guy on the radio is legit… Maybe the guy on the radio IS the military. And maybe he doesn’t want to go to Hawaii, but rather he wants to make sure that infected civilians can’t get to Hawaii themselves.


If the guys who shot the boat up were the military, trying to still contain the outbreak, then I’ll be more forgiving as that at least makes some sense in the context of the world they’ve described. But the way the episode played out, it seemed more likely that the other boat was just shot up by “evil people”, which makes almost zero sense given the fact that the outbreak just occurred, and people don’t descend into savagery that quickly - disasters tend to bring out the best in people, at least initially. Nobody would be turning Negan yet.

I like the setup for the season, and how the zombies are much scarier than on TWD, but this show is incompetently produced/written, and they need to jettison most of the cast as they’re just not likeable. Keep the captain and the torturer and dump the rest in the ocean and start with a new slate.


I find it amusing that they have an hour long meta-show to discuss such a silly and specious TV drama. I can hate watch FoTWD but I can’t bring myself to pity watch the Talking Dead which follows.