Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)


Walking Dead works because, I lot of us root for the characters to survive. At this point other than the wife, I hope everybody else gets eaten. I’m pretty sure that was my final Fear the Walking Dead episode


Meh, I’ll stick around. It still somewhat entertains me. I can certainly understand the complaints, but I also watch Legends of Tomorrow and that one is just chock full of sappy soap opera material, crappy writing and bad acting.


Gotta agree with Desslock on this one. I just can’t fathom how the writers and producers of Fear the Walking Dead are still gainfully employed. This half-season finale was easily the worst episode of TWD or FtWD to date, and perhaps one of the most poorly written and directed episodes of dramatic television I’ve seen in a long long time. Some lowlights:

The Chris story. There is simply no defending or explaining this. Yes, the kid is obviously suffering from PTSD in the wake of his mom’s sudden and horrific death. I can easily see how that might make him want to distance himself from his dad, and even how he might feel resentment towards his dad and his stepmom. I could see him going off in situations where the group is in danger, becoming reckless or even suicidal in his interactions with walkers. But instead he seems to have gone full on psychopath, looking to kill not just his stepmom, but his step-sister (with whom he seemed to have an OK relationship previously) and possibly father as well. WTF?! Early on I expected Chris would gravitate towards Daniel, looking to emulate Daniel’s cold and calculated approach to the new world, but this off-the-rails-wants-to-kill-everyone thing is just ridiculous.

Then we have Nick, the walker whisperer. He discovers the trick our TWD gang has used on occasion to move unmolested through the walkers and somehow he thinks it makes him invincible (also, where is he getting so many clean t-shits? Blood doesn’t simply rinse out of a white tee). Someone tries to hand-wave it away by saying “oh, he was an addict, and he can’t get drugs anymore, so now he’s addicted to the rush that comes with walking among the dead”. The fuck? Sure, Nick was/is an addict, but he’s already shown time and time again that he’s far more intelligent and intuitive than most people, it’s why Strand liked him from the start, and that alone should protect him from going bonkers. Instead I would assume Nick would use his new found skills for good, like when he brought back Luis to try and appease Celia. That was smart. He should be moving around town scavenging supplies and weapons, scouting the area, etc… Nick has been shown to care a great deal about Alicia and his mother, and seems to have a budding relationship with Ophelia, so why the hell would he suddenly decide to go on Walker Walkabout instead of staying with them and protecting them? Zero sense.

Travis’ story is stupid, but not unreasonable. He loves his son and wants to save him from himself. Travis is simply a victim of Chris’ ridiculous storyline.

Daniel’s insanity is really the only one that makes legitimate sense. He’s been carrying around the guilt of what he’s done for decades before the apocalypse, and now the events happening to him and the loss of his wife, the only person he ever fully confided in, has pushed him to his breaking point. Even then he manages to pull back from the brink and do something smart (torching the walkers and escaping with Ophelia). I feel like whomever is writing Daniel’s character is the only writer with an ounce of talent in the entire writer’s room. His backstory is compelling, and it’s being used to full effect in the current storyline (he has skills that have come in handy, yet every time he uses them he’s reminded of what he once was, and it eventually catches up to him). Daniel and Strand are honestly the only characters I care about at this point.

I don’t know how the show claws its way out of the deep pit of stupid it’s dug for itself in this half-season finale. I hope they take the time away to bring in some decent writers and maybe re-think where they are going with the plot though.


I like this show, I even think it’s better, yes BETTER, than The Walking Dead was at this point in its run(season 2). Walking Dead started better, but soon started shambling like…a zombie.

About Chris, let’s remember he was the odd guy out from before the ZA. His mom was all he had going for him. His dad had seemingly moved on to a new family. So while everyone on the boat lost people, he lost everything. Travis has, since the beginning, been clueless about pretty much everything going on around him including with his son, so Chris got no help there. I don’t like the person he is, but I can understand why he’s that way.

That place was a cult and Nick fell for it. One reason might be that they did not know him from before, Nick could have a fresh start with them. Telling someone you were a drug addict is very different from them seeing you at your drug addicted worst. Also, he was treated like a big deal by that woman, as some kind of fearless visionary. He responds well to being treated with respect, see how he bonded with Strand for another example. His family treats him like they’re afraid he’s going to relapse any moment. Now that everyone’s going back to the boat Nick has lost all that status, which is why he’d rather not go back to the boat.


Is anyone here pretending they care that a new season of Fear the Walking Dead starts tonight? Anyone? C’mon, I need to say “ha ha, you’re watching Fear the Walking Dead” to someone.



I’m definitely not pretending that I’m amazed they’re putting out yet another season of this! It’s really doing well enough to keep going?


Mrs. tgb is excited, so I guess that means I get to watch it too. I was planning to watch The Night Of first and then watch the recording of FWD, but maybe I should reverse the order to get the taste out of my mouth.


I never watched season 2… is this season 3? Or maybe I never watched the second half of season one? I actually stopped watching Walking Dead and I stopped reading the comic, too. I think I just reached a saturation point with that stuff.


This is the 2nd half of Season 2. And it remains average to poor, I want half the cast to be killed off. :p


Well, that certainly ratcheted the stupid up to 11.

Welcome back, viewers! Come spend an hour as the most annoying character on our show runs into random groups of extras, drinks his own urine, and we cock-tease you with his death.

Hey…could that be Negan and Lucille? Crap.

Three guys with guns shooting at him. Certainly some had good ai…CRAP

Maybe we’ll get to see Nick torn apart by a pack of wild do…GODDAM IT

Good the Walkers are returning. If they pull a Glenn I will personally hunt down…SHIT

Hey! It’s the 3 guys with bad aim! And their aim has gotten better. Nick’s gotta take one between the …MOTHERFUCKER!!!


Next week they’ll probably spend 2 hours on Travis.


I can tell you really liked it!


Even my wife, who will sit through just about anything, called it the stupidest episode of any show she had ever watched.


That episode should have been set to music by Whitesnake:

“Here I go again on my own
Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known
Like a drifter I was born to walk alone
An’ I’ve made up my mind, I ain’t wasting no more time”

Poor doggies, you would think having already survived for weeks in the apocalypse that they’d be smart enough not to attack a herd, or attempt to eat rotten people meat in the first place.

On the other hand, the dogs weren’t nearly as stupid as the trio of “bad guys” who somehow couldn’t figure out when it was time to run away from the slowly moving mass of zombies right in front of them.


Has she ever watched The Dome or Zoo? They are the pinnacle of DUMB on tv.


Ha ha, you guys are watching Fear the Walking Dead!



Never heard of Zoo. If you mean Beyond the Dome, then yes, she watched it. All of it. Both seasons. And still thought this was stupider.


I missed the opener because I got the start date mixed up with the Strain, but now I’m thinking that maybe I should just skip both shows unless they turn out to be much improved, so keep with the updates!


After hearing some of the comments regarding this return episode, I kept putting off watching it all week. It somehow was able to still disappoint me even though I knew it was an utter shit episode going in. Most impressive show writers. Most impressive.

If your leg is messed up by dogs and you eventually walk by a working bicycle, who would pass that mode of easier transportation? Nick would… My only guess is that he doesn’t know how to ride a bike.


Which is tougher on an injured leg - riding a bike or walking? I have no idea, other than I assume it depends on the injury. Since Junkie Depp was suffering a dog bite, I guess it wouldn’t matter very much.


Walking, by a long shot. I used to pedal one-footed just for the heck of it (yeah, I was a weird kid). Especially when slow can equal dead, it’s one more mind-numbingly stupid decision that makes me glad to have given up completely on this show.