Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)


Speaking of Native Americans and the Z, although it’s off topic we were talking a little about a tower defense game called Last Hope in the tower defense gaming thread. It features a Native American theme. It’s more cosmetic than topically meaningful but your post reminded me of it. Worth a look if you’re looking for something a little different in TD.


Their first act seems to have been literally some variation of scalping someone.


Link , for the lazy. I am gonna get it. Love me some TD.


Last weeks episode on the Ranch was so boring, it took me 3 attempts at watching it over the week to finish it. The 2 hour mid-season finale is Sunday night. Lets hope for something entertaining.


Not sure it was as entertaining as it could have been, though it did have it’s moments. Strand talking to a cosmonaut was pretty surreal, and the end bit between Madison, Nick and Jerimiah was an interesting way to leave things hanging for mid-season.

One thing that really sticks out for me in these recent episodes though is how absolutely terrible “The Nation” is at perimeter security. For Indians, they allow people to sneak up on them with alarming regularity. I mean, somehow Madison and Alicia drove a pickup truck to within feet of the Sacred Relic Trailer without anyone seeming to notice.

Haha, I’m still watching Fear the Walking Dead.


This has returned! Anyone watching? :p

I didn’t even realize I forgot to post after the mid-season break. The show continues to be mediocre, but better than The Walking Dead is. The Dam story line is a billion times more interesting than the Ranch drama.


I can’t disagree that Walking Dead seems to be getting worse and increasingly silly. Fear originally turned me off with its complete absence of likable characters but appears to have picked up some interesting possibilities, and some of the character flaws have gained depth, particularly Daniel’s.


Ok so is it just me feeling that these episodes are stretched out filler than could be resolved in like 15 minutes?

Water for Guns episode this week was alright, it focuses on my favorite survivors, but the story outcome could be seen from a mile away.


They have a new showrunner now, don’t they? If so, maybe I’ll give it a shot again, especially since some of the lamer characters are gone.


I mentioned it in a different thread, but I actually like where Fear the Waking Dead has gone this past season. This show started out with a fantastic premise (show the ZA from the very start, concentrate on one family trying to cope with it) and then quickly fell flat as they sped through the most interesting part of that premise and eventually wandered way off into boring and derivative plotlines with uninteresting characters. This season, with the Ranch storyline, we finally have characters acting in believable ways, sometimes even at odds with one another, and set against an interesting backdrop with some complicated themes going on. I’ve enjoyed these past few episodes of F:tWD more than I have any others to date,

So, haha, I like and am still watching Fear the Walking Dead I guess? Anyway, it looks like the Ranch situation is going to resolve itself one way or another very soon…I wonder where the show will go from there?


Ok so last weeks zombies at the ranch was probably the best episode so far of this show.

Still a week behind on most of my shows. :(


As we were watching tonight I commented to mrs. tgb how ballsy it would be for the show to kill off everyone in the pantry, including Alicia., but it was not to be.


Yeah the wrap up at the Ranch was good, shocked to have two good episodes in a row!


Even though Alicia made it, the Ranch wrap-up was still pretty dark. Lots of things happened that each of the characters will need to deal with moving forward.

Looks like Daniel and the reservoir are the next destination, but I can’t imagine that will last long either.


Daniel denied anything good it seems, as he said he deserved it. Still sad.

So at this point Madison has lost both kids again, impressive!


So WTFcakes, that season finale was way better than it deserved to be, minus the weird Christmas flashbacks.

Also major cast cleanup, gonna be interesting to see where next season goes.

If anyone hasn’t watched the 2hr finale, do so ASAP.


We just watched it, and it was very good, although I find it difficult to believe they killed off the whole cast except for Madison

Remember - until you see the body, no one is truly dead.


The Christmas scenes were just…well…they, uh…yeah, I got nothing. They could have cut those scenes, trimmed the episode to 90 minutes, and given us an extra 30 minutes of Talking Dead and it would have been far better for everyone.

Other than that though, I completely agree that they finally had a season finale with real merit. In fact, it caps off what, IMHO, has been the best season of Fear the Walking Dead to date. The Ranch had the potential to become this shows “Herschel’s Farm”, and instead Troy, Jake, Otto and the others made it into something that was not only interesting in it’s own right, but interacted with the main characters in ways that made sense and challenged them, leading to character development that was sorely lacking in the previous seasons.

This season has taken Nick from a character for whom I actively rooted for him to die in every episode to a character I finally care about and want to see succeed. It’s made Madison into an unsympathetic (yet understandable) character while elevating Alicia to the most sympathetic character on the show. It’s shown Strand for who he really is, and Daniel as well. It’s introduced additional characters with depth, then eliminated them in ways that made sense and had impact. Villains at the start of the season have turned into allies at the end, and new villains have arisen who are believable and formidable. This show is finally amounting to something worth watching.

And now it’s gone again until next year.
Haha…I was watching Fear the Walking Dead…and liking it!


So as someone who just simply gave up on the show part of the way into season 2, can I safely pick it up again w/season 3 and not want to beat my head against a brick wall?


I’d say yes. I’d suggest going to IMDB or someplace and reading episode summaries for whatever you didn’t watch of Season Two so you know what’s happening, then stick with it for the first couple of Season Three episodes as it does take a little while to get everything rolling.