Fear: this is a 2005 game?

i’m kind of late to the party with fear.

what’s with the people being really chunky? jin has monkey arms. is this a modeler limitation or something with lithtech engine since it was this bad in tron 2.0 as well.

it runs slower and looks worse than half-life 2.

i really loved nolf 1 and nolf 2 but the engine’s getting pretty hoary.

As my good friend, Union Carbide would say:

Lurk more.

If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it at all.

Er, crap that applies to us both.

I thought FEAR was a pretty nice looking game. Just like most engines have their problems, so does this one.

What is this, a late April Fool’s joke?

I blame acid reflux. It was a poorly-thought-out and poorly-worded slag of FEAR, which I just installed tonight. I really don’t like the chunky, cumbersome models and everything looks so damn low-poly. And yeah, Jin has monkey forearms.

Didn’t like how TRON 2.0 felt and I’m not liking this one either. I’m looking for someone to point out something redeeming with the game or something to look forward to.

No, I’m not always a graphics whore but I wish the LithTech engine would be capable of some subtley. Not everyone can be well-acted, animated and nuanced like Half-Life 2 though.

…well, at least its audio doesn’t stutter like Half-Life 2’s software audio still does on a beefy system 1.5 years after its release.

Something redeeming? Best enemy AI in an FPS.

Lithtech doesn’t exist anymore. It’s not a lithtech engine game. If anything, it’s just the toolsets that were used for older games, but the rendering engine, etc is new.

Why was everything so chunky? (Albeit with post-processing effects with a new, shiny glossy layer)

I thought it looked damn good.

Yes. And/Or go back to Gone Gold.

Actually, I believe the FEAR engine is being licensed to Lithtech, instead of the other way around. I’m not positive on that though.

FEARs best feature is the atmosphere, same as any other Monolith FPS…the second quarter of the game drags on a bit too long without introducing enough, though, but what FPS doesn’t have a drawn out section?

The battles are still awesome, whether or not it dragged :) Only thing I noticed that was wierd was how…uhh plasticy the people seemed compared to HL2. (Very technical description, I know)

Enh. Go easy on the guy, it’s not like he used “fun” to describe a game or something.

  • Alan

Never had any complaints about Fear’s graphics… the game looks damn sharp on max detail.

I’m guessing it’s because you have a defective brain, since your complaint makes no fucking sense. “Too chunky?” Man, that wins the prize for vaguest complaint about a game ever, I think. Good thing you started a brand new thread to post it.

Well… you’ll become really familiar with the same four or five enemy types. You’ll also get to see a lot of offices. A lot.

But the graphics? I really never thought of complaining about them.

I thought the graphics were great in Fear, especially when you’re fighting in slow motion. Although some scenes did have kind of a “plastic” look to them…

Plastic is the new black. Didn’t you guys think Doom 3, Riddick, Madden for the 360, and Quake IV were worse? Don’t rag on FEAR…

Defective brain? Great rebuttal. I was describing the models in the game. Bodies, vehicles, furniture, hands, they’re all markedly “chunkier” in proportion compared to its contemparies. It could have been a style choice for all I know.

Yeah, it’s a personal preference and a turn-off, combined with the repetitive, boxy nature of the levels. Didn’t complain about the “plastic” look but yeah, it started with Doom 3 and is present in Quake 4 as well.

I had everything on max detail and it felt (except for all the effects eye candy) too similar to the other Monolith games.

I didn’t dignify my criticism of the game/style/engine with comments like “this game fucking sucks” (I don’t think it does) so I didn’t expect the hostility from the bottom-dwelling dredges of some QT3 posters.

Wow, did I ever draw out the little pissants.

Oh, and “fuck off,” quatoria and Backov if you have nothing to add.