Feast for Crows ship date for Australia -- SEPTEMBER!

Screw the UK ship of October 17 (and the US ship of Nov 8.). Say hello, Australia ship date of
September 28.

Can any Aussies recommend a good Australia-based online bookstore that can ship to the states? Amazon isn’t there yet.

Edited to add:
Found one so far, $20 (AUS) extra to ship overseas. Exchange rate is about 1.3:1 (AUS:US), so $75 (AUS) is going to run about $57+ (US).

There may be some kind of super-secret leather bound ultra first edition that you can get early for an insane amount of money. A writer friend mentioned that there often are when big name authors are putting out new books.[/quote]

This cracks me up. It’s basically the equivalent of the chromium foil, embossed, limited edition, variant cover in the comic book world. Except even more expensive.

Yeah. It’s foil covers for “grown ups”.

Voyager Australia also has a Sept 28 date. And word is that the previous books in the series also appeared early in Australia. Also, word of warning, for some reason, they’re released in trade paperback, not hardcover. Must be one of those intricacies of the Australian market.

Just ordered my copy from Dymocks, supposedly a big Australian online bookstore. Their prices are better than the other store I linked ($33 AUS instead of $55 AUS for the book alone). Shipping is another $20 AUS, and supposed to be within 5 days via international courier. So about $53 AUS total, which is about $40 US.

Dymocks should be pretty reliable. Their online store is pretty new (they’ve been a brick and mortar business for over 100 years previously) but I’ve used them a couple of times successfully.

Borders Books has a cardboard ad standup thingie set up in the sci-fi/fantasy section offering a free pamphlet-style glossy tract with an excerpt from Feast of Crows. The excerpt is from the point of view of “The Guard Captains,” IIRC. :?


I haven’t read a single “spoiler” chapter in the last 3 years, and I don’t plan to.

I want the book, dammit! The book!

Hmm both of the bookstore sites says publication date is 10/17/05 not 9/28/05. Where did you get the September date? Also the publisher site you link says 10/17. Maybe the 9/28 was a mistake? If its 10/17 then I’ll just wait for the US release in November.

Damn, they changed it.