February 11, 2013: wallet threat level bright green

Title February 11, 2013: wallet threat level bright green
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When February 11, 2013

Aliens: Colonial Marine is out this week. I've played through the campaign, about half of it co-operatively, and I've sampled some multiplayer. The review won't be posted until tomorrow, so the wallet threat level will have to stand in until then..

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Ys I & II Chronicles+ for PC! People gotta stop sleeping on Ys! Great action rpg series. The newest game in the series is getting localized btw, coming out on the Vita in the fall. The series is like Final Fantasy in that you can play it in any order.

Bright green, you say. Well I am certainly anxious to read some Aliens impressions but not really anxious in a good way. Or to quote Hudson, I've got a bad feeling about this.

I'm pretty sure Arcen considers the new A Valley Without Wind game a full-blown sequel, not just a large 2.0 overhaul. They refer to the original game as "AVWW" or "AVWW1" and the sequel as "Valley 2":

It confused me too, especially when they announced last year that the original game was to receive a complete updated art style. Now it looks like the original game is staying as is, with all work being devoted to its sequel.


I don't think it is proper to put the [sic] after the title. That title isn't a mistake, it is, I have to believe, a reference to imps and empires so there is no reason for the [sic]. Although it something whose use I have found to be nebulous at the best of times so perhaps you are right. Consult a style guide.

Not even a little preview of the final impression?

I too want this game to be good, or at least a serviceable Left 4 Dead clone with xenos. I have a really bad feeling it's just going to be another bug hunt though.

Yet another Dungeon Keeper clone? There were others?! Were they decent?! HOW DID I MISS THESE?!

Green means go. Like "Go to the shops and buy it now". Thanks Tom!

How dare you leave out Bientot l'ete !
Can you and Jason play it and let us know what the heck is going on there!?

There have been others and no, they have not been decent so far, although there are a couple of funded Kickstarter projects that look promising (War for the Overworld being the most directly influenced.).

[sic] doesn't mean there's an error. It means that the author wants to inform the reader that he has not made a typo. It is usually used in cases of quoting material with errors but is equally valid for non-standard spellings and usage, as in this case.

Thanks for the info. Ha, and I am getting up and down votes too!

I am a terrible, sad, and lonely person and completely agree with any and all downvotes on this comment. But it was Frost.

Wait, the guy who interviewed Nixon? That makes no sense.

I tried to play Bientot l'ete a few weeks ago and was completely lost. I really liked what those developers did with The Path (I fully intend to go back and play that one day) and that cool mystery box app for the iPhone. But I think Bientot l'ete is beyond my comprehension. :(

It makes as much sense as it being the guy who played Winston in Ghostbusters. :)

That's one big twinkie. Alien. Twinkie Alien.

Okay apparently Colonial Marines is the worst Aliens game to date, even moreso than the last AvP game.

This gif pretty much sums it up:


If you haven't bought a Ys game, Origin or Felghana would probably be better options, depending on your taste. Really good series.