February 18: wallet threat level green

Title February 18: wallet threat level green
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When February 18, 2013

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is out this week. I'd like to say I've played it. Technically, I have. But only the first thirty minutes or so, and then about an hour of the next five minutes. Look, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, I'm no stranger to brawlers..

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Does A Valley Without Wind 2 still release this week? The Arcen guy on the Qt3 forum said it's due on the 18th.

The answer is in the affirmative:

Is there something about the singular "time" that I'm missing? Since it occurs twice, I'm not sure if it's on purpose or not:
"which I’ve accomplished several time [sic?] successfully in the tutorial mission that I’ve replayed a couple of time [sic?] to make sure I understand it"

More information on Crysis 3 might be helpful. Saying Crysis 3 is very Crysis 3 could be a good thing, but I honeslty can't tell what you are trying to get accross there.

Yay Crysis 3! Pre-loaded :)

Crysis 3 reviews are embargoed, but the point is that Crysis 3 is very Crysis 3. Did you play either of the other two? Now replace the 1 or 2 after its name with a 3. There. That's what you're getting and you're getting it very.

Ha! Gotcha. I had no idea it had an embargo - release day embargos always made me feel like the publisher lacks faith in the product, so that's not great news. I do like Crysis and Crysis 2 though, so while it might not be a $60 purchase, I'm sure I'll pick it up over the summer on some sale or other.

Have I mentioned lately how much I heart you for correcting my typos? Cheers!

Oops, I thought that was out last week. So that's why my copy says version .900!

You need more love for C3, Tom. You know one of your regulars, i.e. me, was the Lead Story Designer? :) There have been some reviews leaking out: Polish, Spanish and Danish magazines have given the game 9, 9 and 8 (out of ten) respectively.

Hey, cool! That's a pretty high-falutin' title. :) Congrats on the reviews and I hope you guys do well. I actually won't be doing a formal review as I did an internal review for EA. But I do look forward to playing the full version again, specifically the multiplayer, which knows exactly how to hook a guy like me. Also, I couldn't get enough of hunter mode, and I figure it's going to be a great way to forget about how good Aliens: Colonial Marines could have been.

You probably can't share any of the details of the experience, but it'd be interesting to learn why EA picked you to do an internal review of Crysis 3. You're just as likely as not to agree with the opinions of critics and players when it comes to blockbuster games*, which is something I value in your work, but seems like it'd mislead the EA PR people who want to get a sense for how the game will be received critically and commercially. I'm happy for you, though. I see this as EA doing their part to fund a website I value. :)
*and other games, too, I know!

I imagine the particulars are the same for why anyone would hire me to do a review, whether it's the editor of a site, one of the bigger publishers, or a developer directly (I've worked variously at all of those levels): I have a wide range of experience with a genre, a franchise, and its competitors, and it's been my job for nearly two decades to articulate my experience with a game. Pretty simple, really. :)

Also, folks in comments sections completely blow out of proportion this idea that I'm an outlier or a contrarian. My reviews are rarely controversial. It's just that people yak the loudest when they are controversial and therefore those are the reviews people remember. No one really cares that I gave Arkham City and Bioshock good reviews, or Aliens: Colonial Marines and Campus Life negative reviews. They just remember Deus Ex.

Great, so now DmC is ruining Platinum action games for people! When will it end?

Vita\PS3 gets what is ostensibly a Trials clone in Urban Trial Freestyle. 2 new PSP games, which must be a first in a while.

Persona 4 Golden and Ragnarok Odyssey come out in Europe this week, but I'm guessing a lot of people just imported P4G.

You ever do a review on Half-Life 2 tomchick? If you did, can you please point it out to me? Thanks.

A quick tip for easy parrying in Rising: Simply button-mash square and quickly move the LS from side to side. Raiden would then spam light attacks on his enemy and parry only when the enemy is about to strike. No actual timing is necessary (or any kind of skill, for that matter).

I did review Half-Life 2, but it was for a print magazine that's long since folded. :(