Feds paid pundit to push Bush policy


The Bush administration paid a prominent commentator to promote the No Child Left Behind schools law to fellow blacks and to give the education secretary media time, records show.

A company run by Armstrong Williams, the syndicated commentator, was paid $240,000 by the Education Department. The goal was to deliver positive messages about Bush’s education overhaul, using Williams’ broad reach with minorities.

The deal, which drew a fast rebuke from Democrats on Capitol Hill, is the latest to put the department on the defensive for the way it has promoted Bush’s signature domestic policy.

More typical horseshit.

This is really sucky. Even National Review came down hard on this (tentatively, barring some new facts that throw the whole thing into a different light…like the whole Plame affair where it turned out the guy was just making shit up)

There’s just no reason to do this and it may apparently have been illegal if true.

People are now starting to ask the oh so interesting question, “Could there be only one?”

Of course, it’s okay if you’re a Republican. Yay for one party rule!

Gee golly.