Feedback on the new forum software

Since i know everyone can’t wait for liz to profess his man love to Tom, I am activating the forums in their current state.

I am still working on the forums, but they should be functionally okay for use.

Known issues.
1)On the ugly side, making it QT3ish shortly.
2)Oh noes! Post count titles are gone. They will come back, give me time.
3)Old forums broken to link to - i am going to put that in read only so people can still check out the old links.
4)The linkage to the forum around the site needs to be updated.
5)Search on old items seems broken, this will slam the server so i will do it some other night.

If you notice anything odd or have questions please reply here, I will add it to the list.
If you notice anything dangerous, unsecure, please pm me.

If you cannot login, email me at chet at arcadialane dot com.



Looks good so far, Chet. This is the same board they use at Gaming Age?

Also… do we need to clean out the old messages in our Private Message boxes? It says I’m allowed 50 but there are 227 of them in there. I can easily get rid of them. I never deleted them before because I was lazy and figured they’d just fall off over time.


The PMs should be fixed. You get 300 spread across inbox and sent, let me know if that is enough. For the most part people don’t abuse them so I don’t mind bumping that up. I would put it unlimited, but someone would figure a way to screw it up.

And yes, same software as gaming age.

This is a newer version of VBulletin than they have. Either that or they turned off some of the features you’ve got on here. The Quick REply thing is cool and editing right inside your original post on the same page is also really neat.

Thanks for doing all this. :)


Is there a way to add the “trail of breadcrumbs” (i.e. the links that are currently at the top indicating "Quarter to Three Forums > Quarter to Three Boards > [BoardName] > [ThreadTitle]) to the bottom of the template?

When you’re deep into a thread that’s multiple pages, you can’t just hit “back” to jump back into the root of the board, and I hate having to scroll up/page up to find the link for the root of the board.

I’ve seen some vBulletin setups that have a “root forum” link or something similar at the bottom of a page, so that’s handy.

I hope I’m expressing myself clearly, I’m not sure I am, but it’s the first thing I noticed was off…

I also just noticed that, unlike the previous phBB boards, you can’t sneak in an unflagged edit.

It used to be that if no one else had posted after you, you could make an edit without getting the “edited by x at y” tag at the bottom of your post. That’s gone now.

Which is too bad, I used to use that as a last ditch review and often caught myself in typos, grammar and link mistakes.

I guess I’ll need to spend more time previewing before actually committing now, or I’m going to continuously look like an indecisive buffoon. I thought people would want to know this, I suspect I’m not the only one who took advantage…

Would it be possible to enable the quick-reply box without needing to hit the quick reply button on anyone’s posts? I’ve seen it done this way on other vb forums and I personally don’t even know why they have it like that by default.

As for the edit thing, that’s a forum setting, it can be changed. I’m used to vb boards that use similar settings to phpbb.

Aside from that, good call. I prefer the vb board software to anything else out there.

Should be there now.


No click for the quick reply, that is just for forums using threaded view.

You have 5 minutes now for editing before it says you edited. I wish it just had it so you could edit as long as no one replied.

Thanks, Chet! Exactly what I was looking for.

In replying to you, I noticed another difference, but it’s one that I actually like a LOT. I hit “reply” and it cut out the part where you’d quoted me automatically, it’s only showing your text above. I used to pretty much always have to edit that out and now it’s doing it by default.

I like that, but I guess there’s times when the other way is better. Particularly in the P&R forums where people want lots and lots of attribution.

Thumbs up overall, though!

The number of replies per page appears to have been greatly reduced? Is there a particular reason for that?

The number of posts per page is user-settable under “Edit Options” on the CP or under Quick Links. The board default seems to be 10, though, which is fairly low IMO.

Fixed to be like previous, 25.



Great. I had just gotten the hang of the old boards.

Is there someway to ‘accidently’ delete all of McCullough’s posts so I can be king again? Additional benefit for everyone: we would not have to read all of McCullough’s posts.

Do we get avatars now? Or to be more specific, can I have one? If letting everyone have avatars is too annoying, you can always just give one to me and nobody else.

Can I report Ben’s post as a bad post?

What’s the deal with forum software nowadays? Is phpbb getting a bad rap for some reason?

Thanks for the upgrade Chet. Only one minor disappointment amidst all the new goodness. The mega long threads like the Dom2 thread and the who-are-you-and-what-do-you-do thread now don’t have visible lengths from the main page. They just have links for page1, page2, page3, and last page. Now nobody will cower in fear of the megathreads.

I dislike message board systems with “post ratings” and “karma points” and whatnot… it plays too much to the GG Drama Queen crowd.

I like it. Pages loading faster.