Feedback on the new forum software

So, do we have to manually insert all of our tags now? There are no buttons for inserting quotes and italics and URLs and the like.

So now we have to go to another page to see who’s online? That’s going to make playing Spot the Wumpus more difficult. Also, I used to post as “Anonymous” so I now have the second highest post count!

I’d like to report my own post, above, as broken, since it has not yet resulted in me getting an avatar. However, the new software apparently doesn’t let you report your own posts as broken. So while you are setting me up for an avatar, you might want to fix that as well.


our names are teh 360 PS huge!!

I’m all for avatars of minimal size. It really helps identify people when you read GAF where they use a similar board.

However, that’s definitely not something I expect will ever get enough Yeas for it to happen here. :)

Also, with this post, I’m officially retiring the --Dave at the bottom of my posts.

The emoticons blow.

Yeah, the generic smiley sucks in this board. However, the one up there is cool.

I do like VB, it’s a good software. I’ve always had a place for phpBB in my heart, though. Quarter to Three always seemed to be better suited on phpBB than VB imo, because it had such a low number of forums. VB is for larger forums and more complex setups. I’m sure it’ll work out well, though.

I think it would work out well, just get the phpBB smilies back and we’ll be set! I hate the VB-style smilies. Yuck!


I notice that while the links for AIM and MSN and ICQ such still appear under each user’s name on the left, a link to their web page does not. Can you re-add this? I used this quite frequently to refer to someone’s website since there’s a “no self-pimping” rule in full effect.

Also I would like to report Dave Long for no longer signing his posts. How am I supposed to be sure this is really him?


edit: I just edited this post to correct some sp33ling errors, and it is totally awesome that it gives you an edit window right in the thread over the post, then when you save just goes right back. Very slick.

You can give yourself an advanced WYSYWIG posting/editing box in your User CP.

I think the reason for the switch was the high volume of traffic on this board. Everyone got the old 500 errors before and the reason was that phpBB couldn’t handle the Qt3 traffic.

Everyone will adjust to this in time IMO. I like this better than phpBB and much better than the first thing Qt3 used eons ago.

Also, extremely happy to see this critical QT3 meme built right in to the forum software:

Nice work, Chet. Looks good to me and should only take a few minutes of getting used to. My only substantial complaint is the little emoticons/icons that users can put at the top of every post. Just kind of annoying and eats up vertical space.

Also: No avatars! NEIN!

I love this kind of software.

Also, another vote for no avatars ever.

I’ve been debating with myself about asking for this, but what the heck.

Apparently there’s a mod you can make to vBulletin to allow for Xbox Live gamertags to show up as part of our user profiles.

Chet, I’m not sure if this is something you’d be willing to play with, or if Tom would even want to see it show up here, but it could be useful and would replace the need for a “post your gamertag” thread.

I realize a vast majority of posters here don’t have a Gamertag or a 360, which is why I hesitate to suggest this. I also have no clue how it will look in practice, it might be tremendously ugly. I’ll just link to the article on how to make the modifications, and let you guys debate the suitability of it for Qt3.

Looks good so far dude A+

Also yet another vote for no avatars. I really like the clean look not having them gives the boards.

without the dropdown to select the various forums that showed up at the bottom of every page in phpbb, it’s crap.

the old forums worked, why was it neccesary to change them?

Nice, always been a fan of vBulletin, at least from the administration point of view. I usually spring for the $$$ on any board of size I run.

Thread ratings! Finally, a way to express my disgust in P&R without embarassing myself.

Error 500, please contact blah blah blah whatever.