Feeling like an Idiot (Excel/LibreOffice Calc Questions)

So I’m making a D&D character sheet for players using dropdown lists and prefills from their selections. I’ve unfortunately run into a small issue with the character size prefill. You see, some races have “Small or Medium” as size options while the vast majority just have “Medium.”

I know how to make a conditional list referencing the race selection, thankfully, but it then presents races with only “Medium” a dropdown instead of just pre-filling. Not the end of the world, I agree, but it’s just been one of those annoyances which just eats away at my perfectionist self. Currently I have:

Data validation (allow list):
=IF(OR(handful of races with options), variable with Medium and Small as selections, “Medium”)

Any thoughts aside from the well-known fact I should just deal with it?

It won’t prefill because null is also a valid option, ergo as far as I know this is just how it works

Thanks; frustrating, but glad to know it wasn’t me missing yet another trick, lol.

Is there an option for the default value for the cell? Set that to “Medium” and let the conditional override whether there are other options.

Completely unrelated to what you’re asking, but is there a reason you’re not using DnD Beyond for character sheets? Cost? I mean, that’s a really good reason; I’m just curious if there’s something more as what you’re doing is intriguing. :)

Cost and third party material. I’d be all over D&D Beyond if I didn’t have to re-buy my books. Plus, tbh, I kinda like the layout I’m going for. What I’ll really be missing is the linked access to spell info.