Feels Good Man - How Pepe became a symbol of hate and his journey back

Feels good man.

Wait, the stupid frog is okay now? It’s not a 4chan incel 14 year-old gamer boy meme? It is all over twitch and it is annoying.

I think the idea is that the artist and some parts of the internet are trying to reclaim it, but whether or not you can really remove that kind of taint is grey territory at best.

Oh no, I’ve ruined a 2-hour documentary!

When you dip something in shit and let it fester for years, you can wash it all you want but the stench is still gonna cling to it.

So literally anything can become tainted if fucking fascists embrace it hard enough? No redemption possible…

That’s part of the “redemption”/takeback presumably.

pepega, monkas, widepeepohappy and other variants divorced from T_D and used in a completely different context

Their usage as such presumably heavily outnumbers the fascist usage now (plus a new generation of young “consumers” that weren’t around 4 years ago and associate it with meming in twitch chat)

Imagine saying this to someone 25 years ago.

I’d guess it’s more successful than you might think, since I had zero idea it existed before twitch, and had zero idea it was used at some point by the US nazi boards.

I’m puzzled that half the documentary budget seems to have been used to purchase a car though.

I mean, if you’re incredulous of this point, ask the swaztika.

If…but I’m not.

Also, better to ask the Sauwastika.

I’m struggling with it now, tbh.

A past coworker is/was Indian and had the unfortunate name of “Swastik”. It made working with him more challenging in the beginning.