Fell: Ellis & Templesmith get their gumshoe on

Hadn’t heard about this book before I saw it in my local comix shop. But man, I’m digging the hell out of it. I can’t remember what Templesmith did before this, but I’ve read a lot of Ellis, and I’m pretty darn happy with his take on the detective genre.

Everything else I’ve read of Ellis’s has been SF or superheroish in some way, so it’s nice to see him doing a real-world (OK, totally dark and fucked up real-world, but that’s Ellis for you) storyline. It really looks like a great pairing and I’m hoping the book goes on longer than Global Frequency. Doubt it has Transmet’s legs, but what does?

I especially like the expressions. The backgrounds are murky and atmospheric, and Ellis is dead on comparing Templesmith to Jon Muth and Bill Sienkiewicz circa the late 80’s. Only, it’s got more heart than anything Miller ever wrote for Sienkiewicz, and just about as many balls.

Anyway, anyone else hip to this title? Thoughts?

Edit: OK, I remembered what Templesmith did before this that I’d read: Thirty Days of Night. Fell kicks that comic’s ass.

I think it’s pretty good. I’m sure it will go longer than global frequency, since I’m pretty sure there was never a plan for more than 12 issues of that. Warren keeps talking about Fell selling out and being reprinted so it sounds like it’s doing well.

Fell is the only book I can still bring myself to buy on a monthly basis, it’s that good.

I also appreciate that Ellis can tell a really good self contained story, in 16 pages, and for $1.99. Best value in comics as well as one of the better reads.


I enjoy reading Fell. It’s great to hear that it’s doing well.

If they ever do a trade, they’ll have to include all the backmatter. Or there will be trouble.

Impressive to see the love for this book. Let’s pimp it some more, see whether it has any crossover potential. (One guy in a recent letter said it completely turned his partner on to comics. I could see that.)

Just want to say that Templesmith is one of my favourite artists, his work on 30 Days of Night was awesome. There’s gonna be a film, hopefully it will retain the mood and style of his art.

What? A film? Got any links? Did Ellis spill some beans or something?

30 Days of Night film will be directed by David Slade (and produced by Sam Raimi). So far the only casted role is the lead, who will played by Josh Hartnett

I would have preferred that they found an Inuit actor to play Eben. Eben being an Eskimo was one of the things I liked about the comic.

“What the HELL happened to you?”

“Eskimo trouble.”