Female gamers outnumber boys


The article seems a bit fishy. Why do they refer to us as boys, thats what I want to know.

And do you guys agree w/ the study?

The stats show that female gamers over 18 outnumber male gamers under 18, if memory serves. So it’s a cheeky headline which is technically correct, but a bit confusing.

As others have commented, I’d like to see further breakdowns - do ‘games’ also include games.yahoo.com and the Popcap homies? One would presume so.

They said boys because they were talking about boys. 6-17 or so. They were saying that more adult women are playing games now than boys. Adult males are still the biggest percentage of game players.

Did you read the article?

Because they mean “boys”, and unless you are ages 6-17 they don’t mean you. Anyhow, the title is rather misleading, but I guess women over 18 being a larger demographic in video games than boys 6-17 is not as marketable a news item. Plus then the mandatory token female in “video game studies” cued in to crow some bullshit equality victory over this would look even dumber.

And do you guys agree w/ the study?

There’s no reason not to, offhand, but I would be interested to see how this poll was taken and what criteria they used to judge what constitutes a “gamer”. I am willing to bet female gamers are a lot more open about their habits than male gamers (my standard answer to phone polls is “fuck you” irrespective of the topic, for instance), and I think there is limited access to the 6-17 demographic in both genders.

Either way, the numbers for women still seem way too high in proportion to those of men.

Here is the press release itself.

The IDSA/ESA is quite vague on what it means by games, since people who play games and people who buy games aren’t necessarily the same groups, though there is, of course, considerable overlap.

The general point of this announcement, as it is with all their demographic announcements, is that gaming is a growing pastime in all age groups. The average age is now 29, more women are playing, the 50+ demographic is up, etc. There is even an even split on income level.

More interestingly, the average time spent playing games was 6.5 hours per week and only 7.3 hours weekly for the 6-17 age group. Which probably means that the number of casual gamers is huge even in the minor market.