Female programmers

What are these stupid broads doing in my industry?

No, not really. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a few female programmers and every single one of them has beeen absolutely top shelf.

Women seem so much better suited to programming than men. That anal, prefectionist quality that causes them to whine about you picking your socks up and putting your dirty washing into the laundry basket just works in a development environment.

Has anyone else experienced this?

All of the women on my team seem to be more detail and task-oriented than I am. I still manage to hold my own with the occasional flash of brilliance.

Seriously though, it never really occurred to me to categorize my coworkers by sex. Aside from the way people interact in meetings, I never really notice a difference in work style or quality.



I know a female programmer that has a really nice ass.

Wowsers, the stereotypes are flying fast and furious in here.

My experience is that the female programmers we hire are just as competent as the men (presumably that’s why we hired them) but I wouldn’t generalize beyond that. One of them is a pretty good team lead, but not the best team lead in the group. None of them are the brilliant super-programmers who do the work of five regular programmers. However, the sample size is about 1/10 as big. And I certainly wouldn’t generalize about personality traits or work habits. Probably the most meticulous, process-oriented programmer we have working here is the husband of the female team lead.

Yeah, I just took back what I said about the women on my team being more task-oriented than I am. What I should have said is that I have the shortest attention span on my team and that most of my colleagues happen to be female.

Making you look stupid.

You are a fucking tard.

See, the human race is split up into two genders, male and female. They look slightly different, perform different roles in the reproductive process, and there are other significant developmental and biological differences.

In particular, each version of the species has different levels of various hormones which affect their behavior and mental development, so they develop significant differences in their personality, in general.

Not to be combative but in your first paragraph you mention that you’ve noticed women are more detail orientated than men, and in the second you mention that you don’t notice a difference.

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a cave man. I appreciate that there are general differences between men and woman but that this does not make them unequal.

I’d honestly love to see more women in IT, I find it odd that women as a general rule possess so many of the qualities that make them good at programming but so few of them enter the field.

I was wondering if I have just been lucky when it comes to the female developers I’ve worked with or whether this is a trend.


Get a grip man. Sure, there are difference between men and woman, but this original poster is plain crazy generalizing that all women programmers are better in some way.

Any generalization is bound to be wrong (including this one!).

Erm, that was the old bait and switch. You might find the rest of the post in which I say women generally make really good developers is actually complimentary, or has everyone had a collosal sense of humour failure?

This is going to be the best thread of the day.

Oh, I’m sorry. Clearly, I am completely wrong, and women are only different from men in entirely superficial ways.

Appeal to authority

Yeah, the ovaries tend to give the women a lower center of gravity, thus making them better detail and process-oriented programmers.

The positive generalization is just as politically incorrect as the negative one, even if there is a documented scientific basis behind it.

At least I’m appealing to something other than a bizarre cultural phenomenon; if there’s evidence for the alternative, I’d like to see it.

Appeal to Obi-Wan Kenobi!

Mine, or yours?