Female programmers

I’m all for more female programmers, i’m tired of going to lunch with 8 other guys, it would be nice to have a little diversity.

Yeah, except not really.

Both deleted.

I’ve found that women programmers tend to be, on average, better than male programmers. I believe this to be because succeeding as a woman in I.T. is generally difficult due to attitudes of the average nerd. So, the only ones that do stick with it are motivated and good. In general I’d think that women and men are about the same in terms if “inherent programming ability”, if there is such a thing - but that the worse women tend to get weeded out more than the worse men.

Dude, I never said those things.

Dude, what do you call what you’re doing?

What??? I fail to see how this is relevant to the discussion at hand. ;) ;) ;)

This must be one of those common language things. I think what you are saying is what I would express with the phrase “top drawer”; saying that every single female programmer you have worked with has been “absolutely top shelf” suggests to me a comment not on their competence but on … other attributes.

For those just tuning in, I pedantically threw some “debate fallacies” list at Rimbo and he manfully cleaned up his arguments. No programmers were harmed in the making of this film.

I’ve found that female programmers are equivalent to male programmers, except they talk less shit and smell better.

It is a good thing I don’t have time for political correctness. Why don’t we hear whining that there are no female NFL quarterbacks? Or that men and women compete seperately in the olympics? Isn’t this politically incorrect as well?

I’ve had really positive experiences with every single female developer I have worked with and was wondering if this was a trend. Clearly I’m not going to get too many objective opinions here on the matter that aren’t clouded by zealous fear of being politically incorrect so I will drop it.

And Stroker, great job with the cowardice, man. Deleting posts the moment you realize they contain unpopular opinions is one way of going about matters.

Hey, I admitted it. I just didn’t want my hastily-composed words to be held against me for all time.


Yeah, because what you originally asked was, “I’ve had this experience. Do others have this same experience?”

No, wait, it was:

Women seem so much better suited to programming than men. That anal, prefectionist quality that causes them to whine about you picking your socks up and putting your dirty washing into the laundry basket just works in a development environment.

That’s a generalization and an insult.

Were I a woman, I might wonder, is Brendan saying I’m such a good programmer because I’m genetically made that way and not because of I’ve worked my ass off to be here? Hmmm…that might be insulting if Brendan weren’t obviously a jackass.

Ya know, if I was a woman I might think that.

I’m even willing to accept the premise that each sex might be fundamentally predisposed to success at different facets of the job, but after 6 years in college I’m pretty sure the career isn’t one-dimensional enough to make either sex noticeably better equipped for success.

Watch what you say, Nikki Glittermouth, or I’ll cum hoc my package-deal fallacy right down your slippery slopes and into your propter little hoc.

And Stroker Ace did the right thing to point them out. I don’t feel him doing so was pedantic at all.

This thread is useless blah blah

As a parent;
Was he describing with misleading vividness the questionable consequences of what the true Scotsman did with the straw man’s fallacy? Because that just strikes me as wishful thinking.
I’m a patriot.

Some women possess those qualities, some don’t. The female programmers I know are good, but I know a lot of women who would make terrible programmers (and men too). Plus, a lot of women don’t want a job where they sit at a computer screen for 8 hours a day and don’t talk to anyone (or 10, or 14…). A lot of women probably don’t even consider taking comp sci or engineering in college because it’s considered boring or geeky or unfeminine. And some still think it’s the man’s job to have a high-paying career, and the woman’s job to marry that man.

The only real issue I’ve ever run into with female programmers is seeing their careers interrupted by starting a family, but that’s hardly unique to this field either. It might even be less of an issue as more people work from home, and restarting the career isn’t as bad when it’s mostly knowledge-based and the organizational structure is fairly flat, so seniority isn’t as important.