Fender Replica Guitar: Is it worth it?

I’m wondering if anyone has picked this up and if it’s worth the pretty steep price of admission. I’ve grown to really like playing guitar on Rock Band and I’m contemplating shelling out for this sucker as a Birthday/Christmas gift to myself.

I was wondering if anyone has any first hand experience since I can’t find one in stores around me to see it first hand. Is this the sort of thing that you can play around with at PAX (I think I will go to the one in Boston)? It’s a bit more than I usually like to spend on something like this sight unseen.

Wumpus reviewed it here


$100 less and shiny orange! Yeah, baby!

I’ve actually used this one. Note that it has Guitar Hero style buttons, which for me makes it an instant no-go.

There is no better way to look stupid for $300 than to buy a real-looking guitar that’s actually a Rock Band guitar.

You can get a real Fender Squier Stratocaster for 100 bucks less.

But mind that’s not an especially good Stratocaster IMO. Talking $600 - $1000 for a Mexican or American standard strat.


Well, I already look stupid, so I might as well have the guitar.

Thanks for the link Gunmetal.

Fair enough. Personally, I would rather spend the $300 on liquor to consume whilst playing.

Maybe I should strip the guts out of my '62 Strat and…

I can’t even joke about it, lol!

I played with one of these at Old Navy over Thanksgiving, it was pretty good and surprisingly heavy.

Well, it is on sale for $230.

Here’s the red metallic version.


Decide in advance whether you prefer the Rock Band (flat face) or Guitar Hero (embossed) buttons. To me, that’s the biggest difference in these premium guitars. There are some slight variations in the strum mechanisms, but nothing serious these days (IMO).

Wow - that actually looks like my old pre-CBS Strat! That would be very cool.

Yeah, I’m definately a flat face player, so the Logitech is out of the question. Thanks for the link $230 is certainly easier is to swallow

My Fender replica came today and to be honest I absolutely love it. The feel of the thing is just fantastic. The fret buttons are buttery smooth and seem to have about half the amount of travel of the Rock Band 2 guitars. Absolutely fantastic for solos.

Two negatives to note are that the yellow and orange buttons are switched. While this has no effect on playing at all, it seems a bit sloppy for a premium guitar. Also the strum bar is fairly stiff and is “clicky”. I prefer the soft silent feel of the RB2 guitar’s strum bar, but after a bit of playing I adjusted to it. (The fantastic fret buttons, which are far more important, more than make up for the strum bar however)

Also the thing is just gorgeous and a ton of fun to use. I definately recommend it to anyone who plays a lot of guitar. I don’t think it improves the experience enough to justify $300, but for about $150 it’d so be worth it. (I paid $100 for mine and at that price it is more than worth every penny)


Logitech Xbox 360 controller now $99.95! Mine is ordered.

I was really hoping they’d come out with a different color. But I don’t think I’ll be able to resist this.

PS The sweet looking black one for PS3 is also at $100 right now.

$100 for a quality Logitech product and a 1 year warranty or $100 for a Beatles plastic guitar with 90 day warranty with the crappy Fender innards? Hmmmmmm, what to do? :)

Damn that is a rough choice. I am so very tempted to pick up that guitar.

I haven’t wasted any real money on Rock Band in a while, so I’m sorely tempted.