Fetal Protection Law Conundrum

So the boyfriend gets an automatic life sentence for assisting his girlfriend to miscarry but she gets off because she has a legal right to an abortion? Huh?

It’s like Soviet Russia or China, except now it’s us!

Kafka would be so proud…

Sooooooooo fucked up.

Even in the burning-flames-direct-from-heaven theocracy of the Old Testament and the Mosaic Law, someone who purposefully caused a miscarriage wasn’t condemned by God as a murderer (as long as the woman didn’t die), but only had to pay a fine. A-fucking-mazing what these God fearing “Christian” Texans have shat out.

At five months? :shock:

I do think that he should be prosecuted but it should be more to the tune of practicing medicine without a license or perhaps reckless endagerment of a minor.