So…anyone know anything about this? Typically when I find out about a new game via an Amazon recommendation first, it’s a bad thing. Then again, that’s how I found out about FFV Advance, and that was pretty great (as opposed to the much hyped ff3 ds). Anyone with remotely accurate memories of the original? Anyone tried the remake? Kitsune?

It’s supposed to be released on the fifth/february, and I was wondering if it was worth getting.

Man, I wish this was on the DS… And I wish it didn’t have random battles.

I have remotely accurate memories of the original, it’s GREAT. I’m not a hardcore Final Fantasy fan so I can’t say how it compares to the Japanese version of FF2 or whatever, but it has a killer story with lots of fun little episodes, and all the characters play really differently. IIRC, the characters don’t even officially have classes or jobs, there’s just the guy who does the weird thing with the slot machine, the kid who steals monster powers, etc. Not to mention the guy whose special attacks are literally triggered by doing Street Fighter moves on the d-pad. There’s not a ton of actual customization of each character, but they are all SO different you won’t really mind. Plus it has one of the best plot twists of any RPG ever. You probably already know it, but I won’t spoil it just in case.

And what’s with all the cars in my racing games? Man, I hate that.

Sold! Thanks for the quick overview. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t an FF8 style departure from the series, and more importantly (after beating iv and v recently) that it was not too similar to those either.

Best FF ever. People that actually got past 8 agree as well, from what I hear. At least it has the best bad guy.

Oh c’mon. Grandia didn’t have them… Neither does XII for that matter.

It’s my favorite too, but the Advance is a deal breaker.

Why exactly is it a deal breaker when the DS plays GBA games?

I wouldn’t quite say it’s a deal breaker for me, but after the graphics of FF3, it might be a bit disappointing to go back to GBA graphics for a FF game. And having a GBA cartridge sticking out in a DS lite is more annoying than a DS cartridge.

This is correct, although I haven’t finished 12 yet.

Fuck this “waa it’s on the GBA not the DS” shit. FF6 was the last great FF before Square completely nosedived the series into the emo gutter it’s taken nearly ten years to crawl out of. It’s no Chrono Trigger, but then again, what is? Where’s the GBA version of that, by the way?

I may be the only person who really likes the Advance graphics.

Yeah man, really wish they would bring stuff like this to XBLA <-- HAHA. This was my favorite FF ever, and I played them all.

Sprites are comforting. If I didn’t I’d tear up my dick on the pixels, I would make a Mode 7 vagina.

I’m tempted by FF6 on GBA but honestly, the crappy sound quality would most likely drive me away, so I think I’m going to avoid it. I’ve played FF6 to death anyway.

Considering it’s an SNES game, the GBA graphics and sound are just fine with me… since, you know, the GBA is basically an SNES.

The SNES’s sound chip was excellent though, and the GBA’s can’t compare.

Which part of “port” didn’t you understand?

You show him, Kunikos! The fact that it is one thing prevents him from wanting it to be something else!

FF6 is my favorite FF game, and besides 12 is the only other one I own. I’ll probably have to pick it up some time. The cast of characters each with their own abilities sealed the deal for me. I heard from a preview that a beastery and sound test(?) are included, does anyone know if they added anything else like in FF4 advance?

If I were going to port these games, I’d throw in a fast-forward button for random encounters. I got spoiled on that thing last time I played FFVI, FFV, and CT, which I played via an emulator. Still, I might pick this up. I only played FFVI once, and it was a while ago. I think I’d really enjoy it, and it would be good fun on a handheld.