You do realize there’s a game coming out for the DS from Square Enix that has no random battles and is a Final Fantasy? It’s called Revenant Wings.

Also, you smell like ass.

Nice comeback!

As far as the Revenant Wings bit goes, maybe your original response should have been to mention that, instead of being a prick.

Hey, it’s what I do best. Also, do your homework.

The GBA’s sound processor isn’t even remotely close to the SNES.

How is the sound on the DS? Does the same GBA game played on both platforms sound better or the same?

Wait, what? I am supposed to do research every time I defend someone else’s innocent query against your rampant prickery? Even if Andrew knew about Revenant Wings, how does that bear on wishing a game was released with changes instead of as a port? Are you capable of simple logical thinking? Can you read? Kunikos, what in the hell is wrong with you?

Your line of thinking seems to go something like this:

  1. Innocent person wishes a game that is being released as a port was instead released with certain changes made.

THIS is the point when a normal person would reply “Well, if you’re looking for a Final Fantasy style game with those characteristics, you might want to try Revenant Wings”

INSTEAD, you were a total prick, implying that, somehow, because the game was being released as a port, there is something wrong with wishing for new or different features.

Then, in a truly retarded moment of confusion, you somehow stated that I, who was defending said innocent poster “should do research” before posting.


Even if Andrew were somehow under an obligation to do research before posting in Quarter to Kunikos, which he isn’t, that would have nothing to do with ME, whose sole contribution to this discussion is CALLING YOU OUT FOR BEING A PRICK.

Now for God’s sake, just SHUT THE FUCK UP, or, EVEN BETTER, CONTRIBUTE SOMETHING MEANINGFUL and don’t edit your post like you did before in a pathetic attempt to defend yourself.

Oh, and if you’re looking for another worthless, illogical comeback, allow me to suggest “Yah well you’re not contributing either”, as if defending against prickery is morally on the same plane as initiating it. That sort of logic seems your style.

Wow… shut up.

I was wishing… and YOU RUINED IT!

Anyway, I get that it will always have random battles, but the interface could certainly be improved on the DS, and playing it on one screen won’t be fun for me.

This thread needs MORE CRAZY

If you play a GBA game on DS it sounds identical for emulation purposes. But even if it was a DS native game, the DS’s soundchip still has lower sample quality than the SNES had.

Does it really matter that much considering how tiny the speakers are anyway?

What? Headphones are these crazy tiny new inventions that fit in your ears and make the GBA/DS/PSP not sound shit. Useful for ipods as well.

Are you new here or something?

Did anyone actually pick this up? Any thoughts on how it is on the DS?

I dunno about the game, but the random battles in this thread were AWESOME.

I leveled up just being a part of it!

I grabbed this and so far, a few hours in, it’s the most compelling FF I’ve played yet. Though my recommendation does come with a disclaimer: I’ve only recently discovered this series (and in fact, the cream-filled library of GBA RPG games) so my perception may be a little distorted.

I played FFIII on the DS and was so taken with it I went out and grabbed all the FF GBA titles from 1-6, plus was loaned a dozen other GBA RPGs by a local hermit I know.

I’m on a GBA kick right now and so am almost pre-disposed to liking this title.

FFVI is the best FF ever. Everyone should run out and get it. My copy’s on its way from Amazon.

It rates low on the kid/teenage angst factor and ridiculous hair doos. Better setting, cool characters. Yeah, best FF and all that.

Regarding Random Battles;

This game has to have random battles. Otherwise, Gau’s Rage ability would be broken. Also, a certain monster who has a name starting with “H,” would have to be visible on the map, which would be stupid, as would the T-Rex in the Forest in WoR.

The T-Rex is the best monster to level your characters on, in WoR. You should ecquip the exp egg and offering relic, and the atma weapon on your character with the highest hp. Fight it as a 4 character group until 3 can take it, then fight it as 2, then solo the character with the atma weapon, offering and exp egg up to a high level. After that, you can switch in any other character and level them as a 2-man, until the new character is strong enough to solo the T-Rex.

Do not forget that some espers raise your characters’ stats if they are equipped on level-up! Do not! 2+ magic power per level adds up. Fast. Without Espers, those stats do not increase.


Everyone knows that the best way to grind T-Rexes is to make them invisible (which lowers magic resistance to 0) and then cast x-zone. Works every time!