FFS, put a show description in the DVR guide!

I’m looking at you, X-Play. What happens if I set my DVR to record all episodes?

I get every episode 9000 times!

I can sing the “Daily Double” music and probably reanimate the entire sequence from memory because I’ve seen it so many times waiting to get to the into title so I can realize that it’s one of the 50 repeats a week that I can delete.

Today on X-Play:

What the hell is Trackmania Sunrise…
A Puppet tells you to Suck It…
Hold on to your twenty sided dice…
… and an elf that looks like Spock.

I mean seriously. Is it that hard?

And you too, Daily Show. Double screw you for taking away the DATE title at the beginning of the show. You watch it and you’re like “HOLY CRAP ANOTHER HURRICANE?”

Stupid basic cable channels.


Well, when they don’t show the date on The Daily Show, it’s a rerun. The date is only shown on fresh episodes.