Anyone here playing this game?


There’s a few of us on Phoenix. If you want to join us, let me know. I can buy a Worldpass for you.

Great, thanks. If I lived in the USA I would take you up on your offer, but since I live in Japan timezones pretty much dictate I group with mostly Japanese players. But I appreciate the offer.

I was wondering what people thought of it? I got it in October but shelved it within 5 minutes because I found the controls draconian. Brought it out from retirement so my kid cousin could play it. He managed to pretty much show me how to use the UI/controls effectively (PS2 controller on the PC is the biz!).

So I have been playing for about a week now. I found it to be very similar to EQ with a few extra things thrown in. I actually found it to be so similar that I was totally comfortable with the game mechanics and was out levelling my cousin who had been playing for about 2 weeks prior. EQ knowledge transfers over quite readily.

Its the first MOG I have played since EQ that had a wow effect on me. The graphics are gorgeous I also really like the idea of multiclassing and the combat techniques and renkai/spell bursts is brilliant. Adds a really interesting facet to the “click auto attack and make some coffee”.

In fact I am so enamoured by this game that if combat in WoW isn’t as interesting, I may continue to play FFXI instead. From what I’ve heard about WoW its more of an EQ clone then FFXI is with no real innovation for melee combat. I tend to play warrior style characters.

That’s my 2 gil worth of opinion.

I am playing on Rumah server and loving every minute of it!

I’m playing on Carbuncle currently. Surprisingly good. First MMORPG I’ve bothered to play for over five hours, in fact. I’m not sure why I like it better than the others I’ve tried, though.

I’ve been footling around one server for a while, trying out a few of the different character classes in between my computer breaking, but I’m probably going to re-roll when my new machine arrives and start afresh. My biggest annoyance is that it always seems really, really quiet when I play. Starting off in Windhurst, I’m half-tempted to ask the NPCs if they want to break out of their dull lives and come do the adventure thing…

Its really busy when I play. I suspect its because there are more Japanese players then Americans.

I’m English ;-)

Got a copy on import for a feature I was writing, but I’ve seen very few players, compared to almost any other MMORPG I could name (and most of them are either dashing past at 50mph or sitting outside an auction house or something similar in small clumps of parties).

Dangerously addictive - wife and I kind of quit cold turkey because we were spending way too much time on it.

According to playonline they have 500k players.

So is FFXI the game that dethroned EQ’s subscription numbers?


Not sure. But I wonder if the media will take note since I bet 90%+ are Japanese players (ie Non-Americans).

FFXI lost me after about 5 weeks.

 It is power gamer heaven but extremely unfriendly to casual gamers.  Admittedly, it has some great features,  great graphics, area domination, in game ebay, unique mythology (clumsy Elves!!!  :shock: ), and almost no lag.  But after about 12 levels you hit a wall.  You must group to level.  If you can't get into or keep up with your guild(Linkshell) it requires that rare ability that lets you convince total strangers to group with you.  

 It has a horrible crafting system and is intentionally designed to keep you from exploring anywhere but the few zones you are level appropriate for.  You can't even visit the other starting cities till your over level 20...  

As an avowed explorer/crafter that only grinds exp when forced this game lost me.

If you are a gregarious power gamer that has a lot of time to devote to it, this is a great game.  If you are a casual (by mmorp standards) gamer, not a good choice. (try Horizons, which is pretty much the opposite, great for casual gamers but boring for power gamers.)

(Disclaimer, I don’t disparage power gamers, I just have to may rl commitments. At a younger age I would probably be one… :? )

as ever
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I rather love the game myself, but comments are case on point. The crafting system seems highly rewarding in the long run, but the short end of it is a tiresome and relentless chore that I care not to bother with. Fine and good because it hasn’t been necessity as of yet, but I feel like I am truly missing out on a pivotal part of gameplay otherwise…or maybe I’m just fooling myself into thinking I am.

I’m not too bothered by the need to party thankfully, in fact its the reason I adore and continually play this game. Never found soloing all that enjoyable from the getgo, you lose all the tactics and balance of combat, and are forced to deal with severe downtime. Besides, soloing is rather counter-intuitive by RPG genre design in itself. Going for Max Xp chains, and pressing your group to launch effective skill and magic combos for bonus destruction is awfully addictive. Of course I happen to spend most of my time playing with a close real life friend that is a WHM and I am a RDM myself, so invites rapidly get shot our way even without our “Seek party” flag waving in the air. Everyone loves the mages.

I love the quests, and feel there is always something to do in the world beyond the hamster wheel. The design and location settings are magnificent and exploration is nicely rewarding.

Choosing this as my primary gaming vessel and burnout would easilly occur far too quickly, but pacing a few hours here and there per week or every few days has made for an extraordinary gaming experience. It’s very easy to understand the appeal of this genre now.

Thanks, that’s good to know, since I’m basically in the same position of having too many real-world commitments to powergame.

Me neither, although when it hits in the middle of the week it can be a headache…

in fact its the reason I adore and continually play this game.

I’ll bet.

Does anyone know if I can use an account made on the PC version when the PS2 version comes out?

See, I was going to wait for the PS2 version, because check out this awesome box:

$100 for the game/hdd bundle.

But then I decided to buy the strategy guide on the way home from work so I can show my friends and try to drum up some people to join me when it’s out. Thing is, I came across a picture in the guide (page 99) of a Tarutaru Ninja fighting this bird creature. This is, without a doubt, the absolute cutest thing I have ever seen in a videogame. At this point I’m considering buying the game twice (for a grand total of $150) just so I can make a Tarutaru ninja after work tomorrow. But I don’t want to have to pay for two accounts when the PS2 version comes out (that would just be silly). So will I be able to use my account on both versions?

After talking to Cathcart on IM for a bit, I think I convinced myself to get back into the game (I had to quit out of it due to the Holidays). Only problem is, I can’t seem to get a lucky draw to get back onto the Phoenix server. If anyone is still out there on Phoenix, could you be kind enough to PM me a Worldpass number?

You’re in luck. I bought a WP for my friend on Saturday, so it should still be active. When I get home tonight, I’ll send you a PM with it.

OK, here’s a question for you people. The only mmorpg, or whatever, that I’ve played is A Tale In the Desert, which has no combat. I’ve heard stories about quests and stuff in EQ where people have to sit around waiting in line for days or weeks in order to fight something because other people are fighting it and there’s only one of them at a time. Is there any of that in FFXI? I don’t mind that powergamers get better items and stuff because they play all of the time, but I don’t want to get caught in a situation where I can’t complete quests just because I can’t play for ten hours a day.

So what’s up with that?