There are special boss battles, but for the ones I’ve been involved with, I’ve never encountered a wait. And those battles lasted less than 5 minutes anyway.

Some of the missions can be quite lengthy, but I believe they can be split up and any special monsters that might need to be killed for them have a quick respawn time.

I sold off my copy and am starting to think I might want to play again too… still half a year or so till WoW, which I’m sure I’ll be playing a lot of… and doesn’t seem like a whole lot inbetween. I might go pick it up again this weekend.

— Alan

Well, after 2 more hours of character creation, I lucked out and got a slot on Phoenix server. So, if you feel like twinking out a fellow Qt3er restarting from scratch, look for my new character, Umbriel, a Male Hume Thief. Thanks for the WP offer, though.

I visited Selbina and Sanoria at level 14 without incident.

Okay, for all you guys coming back and checking it out, here is a WP you can use until Saturday (I think). It has 4 more uses on it.


Also, if anyone on Phoenix needs my handle, it’s Nobruzzal. Feel free to add me to your list with /befriend Nobruzzal

I’ll see if I can’t pick up a copy tonight. Sure feels dumb buying a game twice :)

— Alan

I visited Selbina and Sanoria at level 14 without incident.[/quote]

Selbina isn’t a starting city, and it can be tricky at times navigating the Valkurm Dunes if you have a Goblin Mugger take a liking to your poor little tastey-wastey Taru-flesh.

I chose San D’oria, and my other linkshell friends say it is the best starting city (I lucked out) because it has a great newbie dungeon (Ghelsba).

I never said Selbina was a starting city. The original poster complained that he couldnt visit anywhere before level 20. By level 14 I had travelled from Bastok to Sandoria via Selbina. Didnt aggro a thing. Its not that hard. I even navigated the marsh where everything is so high level it cons “you have no idea how hard this creature is”.