FFXII Collector's Ed Preorders

How so?

It doesn’t, not really. For two reasons:

  1. This game is unusual in how much time you can spend in any one place satisfyingly. People’s paces are going to differ dramatically. 10 hours into the game, I could imagine 5 people would be at totally different places.

  2. If we’re saying at breakneck speed, that’s when the game starts getting really interesting – choices on license board start biting back at you if you hadn’t chosen wisely, gambits start letting do you really interesting strategies, bosses and regular enemies start getting more unique and tricky to take down, the game explodes with places to explore and the plot drops any pretense of normality while it goes down a much more deconstructive path, kind of like taking the usual rebels against the empire plot and grinding it into a woodchipper until it’s unrecognizable.

It’s really just typical overreaction, contraversy and fallout that happens around every single Final Fantasy release. You should judge for yourself because no amount of debate will ever settle whether an individual FF game is any good in people’s minds.


Does FFXII support 5.1 sound? DMC3 is the only PS2 game I have that supports it, which is disappointing.

I don’t know, it only says Dolby Pro Logic II and I haven’t any idea whether that’s the same thing.


Oh, thanks. I suppose that’s good enough.