Fiddle music for viola

Hi Qt3ers! This one might be a little out there, judging by the contents of the rest of this forum, but I might as well give it a shot, right?

I’m putting together a viola recital and seeking some suggestions on Celtic fiddle music to put on the program. I have a fair repertoire of Scottish stuff in my head (though I’ll be damned if I can remember any of the names), but I’d appreciate some suggestions from outside my area of (relative) expertise, as well. What would you like to hear played on a more full-bodied, darker, less brilliant and more earthy-sounding instrument than your standard fiddle?

Non-classical suggestions from completely out of the blue would also be appreciated. :) Thank you!

My suggestion was for her to look at some of the hammer dulcimer music I’ve heard, but I kid you not, I heard it from a guy who was playing in Central Park in NYC, and I’ve never heard its like since.

So anyone who knows that guy who’s ridiculously good at the hammer dulcimer who plays in Central Park on random weekends in the spring… yeah! His stuff.

We walked by, heard him, and stopped for a time. When he asked what we wanted to hear, I said “Hmm, something moody, in minor?” and he played the most hauntingly, shiveringly beautiful piece I’d ever heard on the instrument.