Field of Amapolas/Jardin de Amapolas or Andean Abyss close up

I could catch this film yesterday on a Cine Latino festival. It might be interesting to some of you
who are fans of the board game Andean Abyss.

In the board game you have a more strategic level perspective. This film gets very, very close to the people.
Amapolas is an opium (poppy) field, where colombian farmers work for the drug cartells. The FARC and AUC
play their roles, too. It was a very well done movie, good acting and without spoiling anything, it was about
a father , his son and how they struggle to survive in this mess. It’s also about heroin production in a way.

I can recommend it to anyone interested in that subject matter.
I think it will be hard to find in a theatre, but keep your eyes open

p.s. fuck heroin