Field of Glory Empires

When you click “FOG2 battle” it starts up FOG2 automatically. You click “Empire battle” on the FOG2 menu. Fight the battle. When it ends it automatically transfers the result to Empires. Go back to Empires and click an “import battle” button and you’re done.

Asking as someone who isn’t familiar at all with FOG, why would I want to do this?

So you can fight tactical battles in your grand strategy game a la Total War.

Except with a much better tactical engine and (one hopes) a much more substantial strategic game. So better in every way, basically.

Quite true! I just picked up Aggressors in the current GOG sale and I am very excited to dive in. Looks quite meaty and very mod friendly. So happy to have so many ancient strategy games all of a sudden.

I think with the way Matrix/Slitherine work every project/developer is its own thing, so support for both will come down to Ageod and the Aggressor developers.

Thanks. That’s pretty sweet. The last games I played that did something like this were Rules of Engagement 2 and Breach 3. And that was a loooong time ago.

Did someone say Rules of Engagement!? Hello!

Yeah, I loved that game. It reminded me a lot of another game I played a ton before RoE came out named Begin, A Tactical Starship Simulation.

I also loved Begin, but the RoE games have a special place in my heart.

Agreed. Begin was the game that got me hooked on games like that though. RoE was a better game overall but there were some crazy tactical things you could do in Begin that were a lot of fun (creative use of probes, for example).

With a couple weeks to go until release, they have released the manual:

That is … some manual.

Not surprising, this is AgeOD we’re talking about, after all. I love those guys), but I’m hoping it’s not going to be as impenetrable as some of their titles have been.

The new engine has gone a long way to making it more accessible. There is still a lot going on, but you’re not fighting the UI to make it give up information like you had to in the old games.

What a great manual.

I very much liked Dominions, an independent game now on its
fifth iteration. It has a lot of custom content, and I’m doing the custom
content for Empires in exactly the same spirit as Illwinter is doing
his for Dominions. I don’t mind that nations are not equal, on the
contrary, I revel in them not being equal!

More of a discussion than a playthrough. On the whole, he likes it but also has come criticisms.

Arch Warhammer video

Is it me, or does it seem like the Roman Republic is the new WWII?

Already owning Aggressors and Imperator, I’m hard pressed to see a reason to get this as well, especially with the Cicero patch just a couple of months away.

Am I wrong?

I don’t own Imperator, so this is a pretty easy call for me, I’ll be picking this one up.

But I could see how you might consider at least waiting till a sale given you’ve already got a fair amount of Rome going on, haha.

And yes, does seem like we’ve been getting a fair bit of it lately, odd how games do sometimes pick a theme and come in a wave.

I’m not sure because I haven’t played the game yet. But as I see it, reading about the game and watching videos, this appears to be an entirely different game, despite covering the same historical period.

I’m really looking forward to a game where painting a large segment of the map your color does not mean you are invincible. In fact, it may be a liability. It’s a game about making your empire great, not a game about land grabbing.

Of course, I don’t know how this will strike me after I’ve played for a week. But I really feel that they have the right idea for rescuing this genre.

But I am also prepared for a lot of negative reviews. Players who just spend their time looking for conquests are going to be frustrated, unless maybe they are playing Macedon.

I really like that manual too!