Fight Night 3 demo for 360 now available on live

Good tip, thanks!

I gotta think stamina is disabled in this demo, because I can dominate every match with The Executioner by spamming punches with no apparent ill-effects. RJJ usually tags me at an 80% rate, usually with massive counter haymakers, but it doesn’t matter when I can fire three or four times as often.

This is it? This is all the talk? I’m starting to feel dissapointed as this was “teh game” I was gating my 360 purchase on.

Ya…Ya… just a demo. I was just hoping to hear they fixed the stamina/haymaker shenanigans.

So does the game look and play like the E3 Demo or what? Jeez. Maybe I’ll just keep my PS2 and get that version next month if the 360 version isn’t truly next generation in terms of gameplay and graphics. Perhaps next year’s 360 version will be the real deal. And don’t forget that Victorious Boxers 2 is coming to the US in March for the PS2. I wonder if there will be a Victorious Boxers for the PS3…


I haven’t seen the E3 demo. The demo on the 360 in my living room looks like awesomeness draped embarassingly over robotic animations, but maybe that’s what boxing games look like.

I’m reminded of Evander Holyfield boxing for the Genesis playing this. Probably because that is the last boxing game I played not titled Punch Out or Ring King, but the awkward controls, robotic animations, and sideline perspective bring me back, while the visuals remind me that it is 2006.

This game would be a bit more interesting in first person I think, facial pain rendering would be front and center! I clearly don’t care that much about virtual boxing anyway though.

I don’t have a problem with the graphics – they look pretty good to me. But I’m with greasy here, the gameplay just didn’t excite me. Boring and clunky are the words that come to mind, two words that do a reasonable job of describing any heavyweight boxing of this era as well.