Fight Night 3 - the final straw

Seeing how there are a lot of game reviewers here, I thought I’d post a rant I had on another board:

In Fight Night 3, the commentary is constantly screaming ads into your ears.

“This knockout brought to you by Burger King!”

“Let’s watch that again, thanks to the new Dodge Charger!”

“This punch brought to you by Chicken Fries, new at Burger King!”

It is beyond ridiculous. I can barely stand to play the game. And when you get to the “sponsored” matches, they actually make you listen to a 30 second spiel about the sponsor’s product during the beginning of the fight.

It is the most intrusive advertising I’ve ever encountered in a game, and in some ways even on television. You can’t skip it, you need the commentators there for their comments on the state of the other fighter.

Every replay and knockout guarantees that the commentator will say something about Burger King, Dodge, or whoever else EA accepted money from. Add to that the random product mentioning during the commentary, and it adds up to intolerable.

Not only that, but it completely ruins the work/reward aspect of game design. You reach the pinnacle of your accomplishments, a knockout, and what is the reward? Having to listen to an ad about Chicken Fries?

If you’re reviewing this game, you MUST mention this. Or any game that goes this far with in-game ads. It’s so far beyond the realm of acceptability.

And where is the benefit to the consumer? We’re forced to sit through more ads than watching television, and we pay $60, $10 more than last generation, for the privilege?

Goddamn hell no. Seriously, with the amount of Dodge, Burger King and clothing ads I had to listen to while playing this game for an hour, they should be paying me.

Oh haha…


That’s what I’m talking about! (literally)