Fight Night?

Jones was favored to win a rematch against Antonio Tarver on May 15, but Tarver knocked him out at 1:41 in the second round. That makes Jones 49-2 lifetime. Looks like the EA curse to me![/quote]

I don’t agree. This isn’t like Mike Vick’s (almost) season ending injury last year. I mean, if the Ravens don’t win the Superbowl this year, shall we blame the Madden Curse then? Tiger lost a couple tournaments last year right? Is it because of the curse?

I say we only blame “a curse” if something unusual happens. Yes, a guy with Jones’ record - losing is unusual, but it’s going to happen in the course of boxing, eventually, right? Now, if he fell down a flight of stairs or was eaten by a Rhinocerous, that’s a curse!

EDIT: I’d also say “curse” if he was undefeated. But this is loss #2. Who cares about loss #2?

Knocked out halfway through the second round only a few weeks after the game releases? By a guy he beat just last November? Seems fishy to me, and how are we supposed to build the legend of the curse if people keep pooh-poohing the idea?

Ok, well, that’s a little bit more convincing.
And you’d dare to accuse me of “pooh-poohing?” I just told my four-year old daughter that you wrote that, and she’s having a laughing fit!

Oh to be four again.