Fighting the war on employment

sob As if the rigamarole I have to go through to hire people isn’t enough already.

Spell out your qualifications clearly. “Pay very close attention to the specific qualifications an employer lists for a particular job, and make sure your resume contains those exact words,” Crispin says.

For instance, if a job description includes the words “three years of credit accounting experience,” put “three years of credit accounting experience” on your resume. “Don’t just list a credit-accounting position with the dates you had it and assume someone will figure it out,” Crispin advises. This may mean you have to rewrite your resume for each job opening you apply for.

That part is awesome!

Thats a whole lot of bullshit going on right there.

This seems to be overstating the issue. The regulations seem pretty reasonable and most companies already collect all that data from people who fit the new definition of applicants. In fact, it simplifies things because it sets forth a set of criteria defining and applicant, where the definition of that word was nebulous before.

How often does anyone get hired from anonymous resume submital in the first place, actually?

By the way, there’s a dull-as-spit but easy to digest summary of these new regulations here:

Why they are requiring employers to gather demographic information instead of forbidding them from doing the same.

Strangely enough, that’s how I got my current job of five years.

So they can periodically audit them to tell if they are discriminating against applicants on the basis of sex or race. Can’t tell if you don’t collect the data.

If you were such an applicant, does anything other than ethics prevent you from saying you are black if you are not? Race is legally completely self-defined, right?

I hate those forms that ask you to report your race and often report myself as being Black, Hispanic, or Pacific Islander (other). No ethical compunction for me.

Nope. The company might not appreciate it, though.

Why not? They can count you as black in their statistics.

It seems to me that her recommendations are old news–companies have always tried to limit the number of candidates for a position (especially from online postings, where they can get 100 candidates within a few days of posting the position).

Frex, that bit where Crispin says “if I have a job opening in Boston, for example, and you’ve specified that you want to work in Chicago, I can infer that you’ve removed yourself”–if you’re dumb enough to say you want to work in Chicago when you’re applying for a job in Boston, who the hell is going to want to hire you? It’s not because of new regulations–my father gave me that sort of advice when I was in college, lo these many years ago.


Really wish we had the eye-rolling smiley right now.

Most employers frown on lying.

Lying? How can it be lying if one’s race is defined to be what one says it is?

This is the kind of thing that fuels the hamsters that power the wheel in my head that causes me to shriek with laughter whenever I read a Cato Institute article about the senescent bureacracy that’s supposedly stifling Europe’s labor markets.

For real. Nobody could ever guess I’m black as long as I have my pants on, but we are all from Africa. At least that’s what the fossil record indicates.

I think we should all just submit our resume with the background color that matches our skin tone. Then they can stack them in nice colored piles. Race is apparently very important when anonymously hiring people eh?

We need more white folks to name their kids Lamar, Kawanda, Lamont, Tyrone, Shaniqua, Abdallah, Ahmed, etc. Then it would be harder to know what color you are from looking at the top line of your resume.

Outside of the USA and select euro nations, does anybody really give a shit about race anymore? I don’t care what color you are, you’re either desirable or not as defined by your actions, intent, education and moral restraint.

China has a separatist muslim thing going on in the northwest that’s basically about race; Sudan is busy shooting each other over it; there’s still big racial divides in Mexico; and I could think of a dozen more given time. QT3 is a bit unrepresentative.

You have it backwards. In most of the 3rd world, it’s all about which ethnic group or tribe you are from. It’s only the US and select European nations that have any sense of colorblindness.